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A headache in multiple ways

Posted on Sun Nov 7th, 2021 @ 11:45am by Commander John Collins & Captain Sadie Stanton

Mission: Northbound
Location: USS Solaria, deck 1: CO's ready room
Timeline: MD 11, 1600

Captain Stanton had a headache.

It was not necessarily impossible in the twenty-fourth century, but these things usually didn't last long because you could just pop down to sickbay and get a hypo. Fix you right up. But sickbay seemed very far away, and it seemed like an awful lot of if she left the ready room, she might run into one of the delegations.


When the chime rang, she didn't bother looking up from the PADD in her hand. She was staring at it with one eye squinting, but no matter which eye she chose, it was still annoying. She knew who was on the other side of the door and didn't bother the usual. Instead, she called, "If you don't have a strong raktajino in hand, go away and come back when you do."

Collins stepped through the door, carrying a cup of said raktajino. "Yeoman said you had a headache, so I've got 2 pills of the Betazoid analogue to ibuprofen, too, Cap'n. I'd back off normally, but Smith flagged me on my way over - you know how the negotiations had seemed to be building up a rapport, behind closed doors? Very suddenly, both sides are acting like the previous days never happened."

Sadie watched him walked in, one eye still squinting. "Remind me to have my yeoman transferred," she muttered, just barely audible, as she held her hand out for the mug. "And yeah, I have Smith's report here although my brain is refusing to follow what shenanigans he's trying to report on. It doesn't make much sense, their behavior."

"No. It's also very sudden, which jumped out at both of us. I'm trying to control my trained paranoia, but nothing about it feels right." Collins replied as he handed over the pills, then the raktajino.

"Thanks," she murmured, taking the pills and washing them down with the hot drink. Her eye was twitching enough to distract her from the full swallow of hot liquid she'd just taken. "What's your paranoia suggesting this is about?"

"Could be anything, but I'm split between psychosomatic factors, someone being blackmailed to blow the negotiations to hell, or the politicians getting hopped up on their own propaganda. Maybe all three."

Sadie grumbled a bit into her mug, wondering when the meds would kick in. "I haven't read the whole report so I'll ask, does Smith have something to suggest psychosomatic factors? Something to point to that might cause them to be such pains in the ass?"

"I think 'psychosomatic factors' was his way of grappling for an explanation. He has hunches on that front, nothing more substantial," John noted. "I'm debating whether we should have Garran request our assets on Northwind and Firekka look for who among the delegations is living beyond their legit means, standard influence checks, or if they should be prepped for gathering intel on escalations by either side."

"Let's start with a quick check on the former," Sadie said, pressing two fingers to her temple. "See if there's anything suggesting we need to look deeper into the blackmail angle. If so, we'll want to pursue it. I have a feeling if the peoples back on their home planets are half like these delegations, they won't need to look harder for signs of escalation. It'll fall on their heads. Figuratively speaking. Hopefully."

"Got it," Collins replied simply. "With that, anything more? I'm personally of a mind to take tonight and be completely introverted, aside from grabbing dinner after I hand over to next watch; I have entirely stupid, I'd almost say trash, novels calling me."

Sadie laughed faintly, although the sound was more of a snort. Was her headache getting worse? That seemed like it shouldn't be happening. She waved toward the door. "That's all. Let's just take a night before we dive back into things tomorrow."

"I hear ya. Feel better." With that, Collins rose and exited.


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