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Some adjustments required

Posted on Tue Sep 14th, 2021 @ 9:28am by Lieutenant Kau Anderson & Lieutenant JG Del Renner
Edited on on Thu Sep 30th, 2021 @ 9:14am

Mission: Northbound
Location: Engineering
Timeline: Hour after entering the system

Kau was in his office finishing up one of the many reports he discovered came with the new Chief roll when he read an message and request from their Chief of Science. Studying the request it seemed simple enough for his team but would very well help the negotiations that were soon to take place. =/\= Anderson to Renner, could you come see me in my office please?=/\=

=/\= Sir, I will be right there. =/\= Renner replied and headed directly to Lieutenant Anderson's office.

After a few minutes, Renner appeared in engineering and walked up to Anderson's office. "You requested my presence, Sir." he reported in at the boss's office.

"Yes, please have a seat." Kau said as he closed out a report. "Lieutenant Jemison, the Chief of Science is requesting we make some minor adjustments to the sensor pallets. He is attempting to locate alternative sources of dilithium in this system. Initial sensor readings were broad and inconclusive but he believes that since dilithium was present in an asteroid in this system, there is a chance it could have occurred on other objects in this system, hence his wanting to dial in the sensors to a more specific range."

"I would be happy to run that task and get the sensor pallets adjusted accordingly." Renner stated in response. "My work with physics and other sciences in my past could come in handy here."

Kau nodded. "Indeed. Not only do I belive you have the insight, but also as my next in line, I want you to be aware of everything that is going on engineering wise and with this ship. That said, we are also requested to assist in the search and our Chief of Science is soliciting our input. The current theory, is that since there is a stable deposit on an asteroid, this may indicate further deposits could potentially be in this system. The trick is locating them, assuming our theory is correct. Thoughts?"

"I do believe the theory is correct." Renner replied. "Even for the one asteroid to have a deposit of dilithium, there would in all probabilities be more even if not at the same levels. I could work out a means to scan for even derivatives of dilithium and that would help narrow down any and all asteroids that contain possible deposits, even trace deposits, of dilithium. I would much like to assist in this endeavor."

"I would greatly appreciate it." Kau said and showed him the current specs. "We should also examine the rest of the celestial bodies in the system as well when we are in range, but at the moment, passively. Deep scans of each races planet upon entry into their space may not help the diplomatic portion of this mission. I would like to see how much we can do passively however. If we route some scanning functions to the deflector dish and use it as a kind of passive sonar, how much of a range boost do you think we could get?"

"I will do what I can to get as much data from our scans without being invasive but as through as possible." Renner replied. "I will get to it and keep you advised of the progress and any thing that needs immediate attention."

"Excellent." Kau replied. "Get the maintenance teams to make the modifications and then I'd like you to inspect and confirm calibrations are where you see fit. I'll let our Chief or Science know things are in progress." He nodded and dismissed the eager Lieutenant to his duties.


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