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[PLOT LOG] The Next Contestants on Family Fued

Posted on Wed Aug 4th, 2021 @ 7:08pm by Captain Sadie Stanton

Mission: Northbound
Location: Briefing Room - Deck One
Timeline: MD01 - 0900

Shore leave was always nice, but it always had to end and send people back to work. For the USS Solaria, that time was now.

Any supplies that needed resupplying had been resupplied. Positions that needed crewing had been crewed. Positions that didn't need crewing, much to the lament of Commander Collins, had been re-crewed. The ship was checked over and touched up anywhere it needed. All crew were given the all-hands back on board call for the morning, and now the morning was here. The ship was preparing for departure, although it wouldn't be leaving dock until after the senior staff briefing that was presently taking place...

"Good morning, everyone," Captain Stanton said as she took her seat at the head of the table. She leaned back slightly and took a sip of her raktajino. "I hope that everyone enjoyed shore leave and is now ready to move on to our new mission. First of all, however, please welcome the ship's new additions." She waved at each one in turn. "Lieutenants Kau Anderson and Tobias Jemison join us as our new chiefs of engineering and science, respectively. We have not yet been assigned a new security chief, so Lieutenant Ramaker will continue in that role." She nodded at the other woman.

Once that was out of the way, Sadie pressed a button on the tabletop and a holographic display lit up in the center of the table. It showed two planets in neighboring systems, although the planets themselves were near one another--at least as "near" works in these things. There was an asteroid field between them and one particularly large asteroid highlighted in the image. "These are the planets of Northwind and Fireka. They are both Class-M planets. One is inhabited by humans, although it is not a UFP member. It was colonized long ago by a sleeper ship and has since existed outside UFP territory. The other is inhabited by a non-Federation race known as the Firekans."

After pressing another button, the image changed to show a bipedal avian race.

"These two planets have a long history of sharing the asteroid field between them, and one asteroid in particular, for its dilithium. However, a dispute broke out over it about fifteen years ago. It has raged on since and extended to almost every corner of each group's lives. It has not escalated into a full war, but there are occasional skirmishes between the two and otherwise constant hostility." She smiled wryly at this point. "Naturally, this is where Starfleet wants to send us. The Firekans are considering joining the Federation, however they will not do so while this dispute with a human world is ongoing.

"Those on Northwind are not yet interested in becoming members themselves however due to concerns over the continued viability of the mine and the resources Starfleet can provide, they have agreed to a sort of peace talks, a negotiation, with the Firekans. The Solaria is going to be home to this talk."

Sadie sipped from her mug again and closed the image. "It will take six days to reach the agreed-upon meeting spot with the ships from Northwind and Fireka. There, delegations from each will come aboard. On the first night, we will have the usual formal dinner. Dress uniforms required, folks." She looked at her ops chief. "Lieutenant Harper, I will need your logistical work to join with Commander Smith to prepare for that dinner. You'd think we'd have a properly staffed diplomatic detachment before going on a diplomatic mission but, alas, we do not. So, it will fall to you two. Ramaker, I'm sure you can figure out your role in this. Keep the two from going at each other or at us if we get in the way.

"Meanwhile, Anderson and Jemison, you will both be studying the region. We are going to need cards to play, and knowledge is power. Find out what you can about the mines they have in that field and what makes them so special as to be fought over and see if you can locate any in uncontested areas that we can offer as a peaceful solution to them." She turned her head toward--and then up to--the Sirran at risk of damaging the conference table's chair. "You will be working on your own information gathering about what's been going on with these people. Medical also has some research to do. I want to be sure we are fully prepared for any emergency, so we need to be clear on Firekan physiology and any potential adaptive changes the humans on Northwind may have gone through, while Lieutenant Carver will do the same on a technical, offensive and defensive, level. Just so we're prepared for anything.

"Any questions?"

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She nodded once. "Commander Deco, let's depart Starbase 621 and set course for our rendezvous with the Northwind and Fireka ships."

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