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Reporting to Dutiful Duty

Posted on Fri Aug 13th, 2021 @ 1:46pm by Lieutenant Kau Anderson & Lieutenant JG Del Renner

Mission: On the Verge
Location: USS Solaria


Lieutenant Junior Grade Renner had officially boarded the Solaria as a Starfleet Officer. He was on the ship with Dinui for a personal tour and he could tell he would enjoy serving on this ship.

He went to his assigned quarters and then headed to Engineering to meet his new boss, Lieutenant Anderson.

He walked into Main Engineering and saw others updating the systems which was common when a starship was docked at a starbase. He walked directly over to the Chief's office and signaled the door.

Kau had finished sorting pads, reference material and a cup of coffee around his desk a moment prior to the door chime. The office was spartan. He was hoping to change that in the future, but such a quick transfer and per the unwritten protocol of Starfleet, always just prior to departure. He had crew to assess and finish duty assignments with, supplies to confirm with Ops were delivered, and of course, restarting the warp core and doing a Level 2 diagnostic on all systems. He was thankful his predecessor completed a level 1 on the warp core already.

He shook the thoughts out. To many things and he would forget the door. He took a quick drink of coffee. "Enter." He said and shuffled padds to get his roster.

"Greetings, Sir. I a Lieutenant Renner. I have been assigned to this ship as the assistant chief of engineering." Renner stated. "I reported directly here after dropping my gear in my quarters. I was eager to me my new boss." Renner walked up to the chief's desk and stood at attention.

Kau raised one Vulcan eyebrow and then the other as a smile crossed his face. "Welcome aboard Lieutenant and at ease." He said and reached out his hand to shake. "Lieutenant Kau Anderson, glad to meet you. Have a chair. Need anything to drink?" He asked indicating the replicator.

"I am fine but thanks for offering." Renner replied as he took a seat. "Sir, I wanted to do a face to face and see what you expected of your deputy chief. I was just an ensign on my last assignment and then to be promoted I had to take this ship or a starbase. I opted for a ship as I don't like being in one place too long. Since a ship moves around it is never in one place for too long."

The half Vulcan nodded. "That is the most local choice available for you at this point then. For my expectations, they are simple. I expect nothing less than your best effort. Success is always the preferred option, but success or failure, when it was your absolute best effort given, that is all anyone can ask. In the effort of full disclosure, this is my first cruise as Chief." He said and looked at the newly minted Lieutenant. "What was your focus in engineering? Where do you feel you excel at?"

"I sort of consider myself a warp field specialist but I have excelled at all thing engineering." Renner replied. "While in the academy I focused on the warp mechanics and warp theory. I also excelled in warp physics and propulsion physics. I was a physics guru on Betazed while growing up but felt engineering was more my calling."

The Chief nodded. "Very complicated and needed fields of study. I had a structural engineering focus. Primarily integrity fields and life supports. Keeping a ship functional was my thought of most logical at the time, although there is no field any less important than the other when it comes to engineering. Each one needs the other." He looked over for a padd. "Do to the swift nature of my arrival and sudden transfer of my predecessor, I am unable to confirm if a level 1 diagnostic has been completed on the warp core while it was shut down at dock. I was told she was very capable and assume that it has been completed, but I would like you to confirm it has been done. If not, please get as many people as you need to complete it. We need to begin restarting and warming up the warp core in three hours."

"Sir, I will get right on that." Renner replied. "I am looking forward to working under you and learning more about this ship and myself as we go." Renner then turned to leave the office of his boss and get to work. Finally it was time for him to get his hands dirty.

"I look forward to the same Lieutenant." Kau replied as he watched him leave. He was grateful for the help and he seemed very capable and eager. He needed that right now. Having him oversee the warp core just saved him hours of his day. Hours to be used getting up to date on everything else. He nodded to himself. Renner had been here only 10 minutes and saved him hours of work. The Commander was right, delegation is a good thing. oO Best not waist the time I have. Oo He thought. He only had three hours before they needed to warm the warp core up, so he had best get busy.


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