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Chocolate delight

Posted on Sun Jul 11th, 2021 @ 2:38pm by Commander Sarah Deco & Captain Sadie Stanton

Mission: On the Verge
Location: Starbase 621

Glad that their mission was finally over, Sarah was even more glad that she'd convinced Sadie to take a break. What with the crew being split, some on the ship and some planet side, it had been a busy time for everyone. Of course, the CO always had it roughest of all, so Sarah had been pretty adamant when asking Sadie to spend some time together.

As it turned out, the Starbase was hosting a food festival just as they had docked. Sarah had agreed to meet Sadie right at the entry to the Starbase. Because the scheduling panned out, they'd been granted a hard dock at the station, so you could simply walk through the connecting tube right onto the base. And even though Sarah usually didn't like being stationary, this kind of stationary (being docked to a safe starbase) beat the feeling of being stationary around a planet that could eat you alive at any moment.

Straightening the shirt she was wearing, Sarah was mostly idling and leaning back with one feet against the wall while she was waiting for Sadie.

As a new record, Sadie was only about two minutes later than the agreed meeting time. She figured that was still in the "wiggle room" range and thus she was on time. Dressed casually and comfortably, she strode down the corridor and to the station entry. She chuckled when she saw Sarah. "I'm not that late for once," she quipped.

Sarah squinted her eyes as if to ponder that, but then she chuckled herself. "It's almost acceptable," she nodded, pushing her one feet off the wall so she was propelled towards the inner bowels of the starbase. "I hope you're hungry."

"I can eat," the captain agreed with a smirk, putting her hands in her pockets as they walked. "I hear there will be literally dozens of cultural foods at this festival."

Following the directions on the side panels, Sarah took a left and a bit later a right. Along the panels were ads for the different stands they would be able to visit soon. She marveled from one panel to the next, as most of that food looked unfamiliar to her. There were the classics, obviously, which were promised to be prepared in a different way than usual, but still. "Now I'm definitely hungry," she said after they'd walked past about ten of those.

Sadie laughed. "I'm sure the PR department put them all there to make people feel exactly that as they make their way to the festival. I'll admit that the Klingon booth doesn't look to be my favorite, but I've never been one for Klingon cuisine."

As they walked by a Risan stand, Sarah came to a halt. She'd never been there herself, despite all the good things everybody always had to say about it. But, the food and drinks they were offering, looked great. They had small plates filled with fruit of all colors and shapes. Their drinks even had tiny umbrellas to top them off. "I want this. You?" she asked, approaching the woman who smiled sweetly at them.

"I think I just want the umbrella," Sadie laughed, smiling at the woman. Like many Risans, she exuded a sort of serenity. It was refreshing to an empath. "I'll ship it to Darien and make him think I went to Risa without him." Mischief danced in her steely blue eyes. "Although that red fruit looks very appetizing."

"We'll have two umbrellas and two plates of red fruit," Sarah spoke at the woman, then considered she might just as well elaborate on that first. "The umbrellas obviously with the matching drink."

The Risan woman chuckled, worked some of her magic, and a few moments later she handed the two friends their order. With a nod of thanks they walked off.

Strolling at an even slower pace now, Sarah poked at her plate and tasted the umbrella'd drink. "This really isn't half bad. What do you think?"

Sadie had to finish chewing her bit of fruit and swallowing, then she laughed. "I think I actually have been missing out by not traveling for shore leave on Risa. These are pretty good. Reminds me of something on Earth, though I'm struggling to think of what..." she trailed off thoughtfully. "Pomegranate maybe, but less seedy."

"Yeah, I think that ma-" Sarah started to reply, but then trailed off herself. It was obviously a festival that was meant to distract people, because so far the two friends couldn't string a decent sentence together. Not that either minded because it all looked and tasted really good. This time, however, she'd trailed off because one of the stands from Earth was obviously focused on chocolate. "That.... on this...." she motioned from the stand to the plate in her hand... and took off in that direction.

"The best way to interrupt any sentence," Sadie laughed, moving to hurry and catch up with Sarah without, of course, looking like she was hurrying since, y'know, captain and all. Had to be dignified or...something, right? "I think you have the best of both worlds there. I see fruit encased in chocolate."

Basically before the supposed-to-be-captain had finished her own sentence, her plate had been taken from her hands, put under the chocolate fountain and replaced in her hand. Sarah's plate followed a moment later. Nodding thanks to the man who had made them happy, Sarah looked around and walked over to a nearby bench to sit down.

Sadie laughed at the plate thievery but said nothing as she got back a plate of chocolate--almost literally. "I have a feeling we're not going to be seeing much else of the station today," she commented lightly.

"I didn't know that had been a requirement for today," Sarah laughed in reply as she took a bite of chocolate-covered fruit, which half missed her mouth, and thus landed on her clothes. "Well. Damn," she muttered as she used her finger to wipe it off as best as possible. "No. I'm definitely not walking around the station with this stain."

"I'm pretty sure more of that is supposed to go in your mouth," Sadie deadpanned, although her eyes crinkled at the edges with her smart-assery.

Sarah eyed her friend side-long. "No shit, sherlock," she muttered, trying to have better aim with the rest of the fruit. They enjoyed some moments in peace and quiet, and in good company of chocolate covered fruit, until their plates and their umbrella's (and the content of the glasses that held the umbrella's) were all empty.

Leaning back in her seat, Sadie looked around the space filled with festival stalls and people enjoying the wares. "I have a feeling it's going to take several days to properly enjoy this festival."


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