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When It Rains, It Snows... [Planetary Plot Log]

Posted on Thu May 6th, 2021 @ 1:16pm by The Narrator

Mission: On the Verge

One would have thought that having a non-military colony come under brutal attack by the Tzenkethi would have been bad enough, but the universe having the morbid sense of humor that it did, none of the issues really stopped there.

In the heart of the colony stood one of the many buildings that housed the operations systems. This one had suffered less destruction than most, although it was of course not unscathed. This building and the controls within had taken their hits, but even more pressingly, the systems and equipment that they were in control of had taken even more hits. That's where the trouble was really coming from.

See, this little building housed the planetary climate controls. This control board, its redundancies, and the equipment that put it all into action was what stood between the colony and the naturally temperamental weather of the planetoid they'd chosen to settle on.

The weather wasn't Demon-class or anyway, but it could still get extreme. A bit like Earth on its worst meteorological days. Earth in a bad mood, one might say.

This in and of itself may not have been so bad, but the colony had already gone fifteen rounds with the Tzenkethi and then the immediate climate issues that followed: a smattering of earthquakes, namely. They thought after that first round, they had solved the issue...but as a rather unfortunate young man--the only one remotely qualified and able to be spared for the job--was finding out...

Well, they had not, in fact, solved the issue.

"Shit, shit, shit," he said, his voice rising to a squeak that it hadn't experienced since his adolescence and that one time Sally Dalton had said she liked him too. Oh, what he wouldn't give to be talking to Sally right at that moment. He'd handle her perma-angry half-Klingon husband if it meant he was on Starbase 189 with her instead of being in charge of this mess here in the little control room in the mostly-together building on Sokratis.

The main screen was lit up with what he could only think to call a "purple blob," which he knew to mean a storm. (A quick look in his PADD showed that this meant a snowy blob.) It was also a blob that had shown up very fast and grew even quicker. Despite every command he inputted and every connection he checked to see if he could regain control of the system, it was useful.

A blizzard was about to happen. Already, the temperatures were dropping across the colony and it would only be moments more before the clouds--dark and heavy with snow--would swarm over the capital city and surrounding areas. He called whoever he could, to warn them, but there was no stopping it.

A sudden, harsh winter was about to smack right into the city.


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