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Operations: Orders of the day

Posted on Sun Apr 11th, 2021 @ 12:55pm by Lieutenant Obadiah Harper

Mission: On the Verge
Location: FOB Invictus
Timeline: MD 03 12:50

Forward Operating Base Invictus, whoever thought that name up, had read way too much Willam Henley or was an English major who wanted his degree to be relevant.

But he’d keep those opinions to himself, his ship’s ballcap had been replaced with a slouch wide-brimmed hat, better to keep the sun out of his eyes. First thing he saw was permacrete dwellings were going up at a decent clip.

“Right now, reserve all permanent dwellings to medical, recovery, and any civilians, we can still sleep under the leathers.”

“Sir?” This came from the clerk who was making notes and trying to keep up, “Did you say we will use the tents?”

“Precisely, hell set a tent for a makeshift ops office. When we get more permacrete up, we can look to moving offices, but right now, unless countermanded, offices and anything Starfleet related that wasn’t medical, or dealing with colonists will be in tents.”

The small ops crew that came down were gathered around a table that had been dragooned in to duty as a desk. “Right now, in order of priority get a crew together and fix that subspace transmitter, Solak, that’s your job. I’d like a full report with ETA and what’s needed, in both supplies and manpower within 15 minutes, shanghai who you need, this is priority.”

“Aye sir. I will have the required information within that time frame.”

That got an amused grunt, “I would expect nothing less.” Then he turned to a Ferengi petty officer.

“Grebox, you are going to act as quartermaster, get me a list of supplies we need and get a dump set up and reserved. As usual grab who you need, you’re in charge.”

It would seem the young Ferengi grew three sizes, but looked as serious as he could, ‘I won’t let you down boss.”

“I know son,”

Finally came the remaining crew, “Also we need a full and complete survey of the utility infrastructure and what we need to get it up and running. Priority goes to water and sewage, last thing we need is a cholera outbreak, then electricity.”

“Sir, I’m pretty sure medical can cure any disease.”

“True, but that adds to medical stress, plus even with all the medical advances we got, dehydration will still kill you stone dead. So let’s get that survey done quickly as you can.”

“Yes sir.”

“Final order of business, we’ll need those type 5 industrials up and running ASAP so we can start getting what we need to get things humming, and let’s get that type 3 up for rations and water.”

He looked over the crew still gathered, “That’s the plan. Let me know how I can help.’



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