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Getting to know the new guy.

Posted on Wed Mar 3rd, 2021 @ 6:57pm by Lieutenant Obadiah Harper & Captain Sadie Stanton

Mission: On the Verge
Location: Deck 6
Timeline: MD02, 1530

The ship was still on its way to the colony, so everyone was in a bit of a hurry-up-and-wait place and filling time until their arrival. Sadie was out on a bit of a walkabout because she couldn't stand her ready room walls any more, but there was something of a direction to this walk. She had a department head she hadn't met yet, so she was making a point of fixing that. Captain Stanton might not quite have been the more jovial of commanding officers, but she did like to know the people she was working with.

That's what found her in the ship's storage facilities on Deck 6--near the cargo bays, fittingly enough. After all, that's where the computer had told her that Lieutenant Obadiah Harper would be.

And he was, though he was again looking more like a senior NCO then officer, he was going over the numbers on equipment and keeping an unofficial tab on items that they had a surplus of, and a list of what they needed, and were either on back order or as he had learned made things easier for the crew. Looking up at the woman who entered the room, "Help you?"

Sadie's lips quirked slightly with amusement. "Lieutenant Harper?"

'You got him." He turned ant looked at the woman, "You must be Captain Stanton I'm assuming?" He gestured, "Right this way we can jaw in my office, keep the E-4 Mafia from knowin too much."

One petty officer looked at his department head, "Sir, are you reading minds?"

"Nope, I was an E-4 I know how your minds operate." then a shoo'ing gesture, "Now....back to work young man."

Amused by the exchange and the jovial sense she got from the man, she followed his gesture and walked with him to his office. "If there's a mafia aboard, you should inform security," she said, but with a smile that showed she wasn't being serious.

Once they were in the decently cluttered offce, which had some pictures set up, he took out two cups and set them down. "Mafia's been around before Starfleet, story is back when Ceasar send Troops in to Gaul, two legionaires had the whole operation and knew where to get the best plunder." Then he took a chipped blue metal pot off a burner, "Coffee?" The smell of fresh brewed coffee was common in his office, "Just made it."

Sadie could appreciate the casualness of a long-time officer, though it stood in stark contrast to how others behaved around her. ""Please," she said, waving at the old-fashioned coffeemaker. It wouldn't be raktajino, but it would do. "I just realized that I had yet to meet you and given we'll be working together a fair bit on the bridge, I thought I should fix that before we arrived at the colony."

"Sounds like a good idea." He poured two cups of a black brew in to a pair of mismatched cups, one for Starfleet academy and an older one that had no markings on it but it was obviously well used, he passed her the Academy cup, "My middle boy gave that to me when he graduated. " He explained.

"Middle boy, so, three children or three boys?" she asked conversationally as she lifted the mug and gave it the once-over. It looked...well-loved, as the saying would go.

"Three children, oldest is a circuit judge back home, rides cases in various towns, Middle son, just made JG, he's going to outrank his old man if he keeps this up, but he's a cryptology officer on the Swiftsure, and my daughter is 19, she started work with Diplomatic service as an apprentice chef." He paused, "Two dogs, and a mean ol tomcat who doesn't like many people." He looked at her, "If you don't mind, and yourself any kids?"

Sadie sipped the coffee, determining it tasted like something that looked like the maker he had. "Married but not kids," she said. She didn't know if there was a "yet" on there or not since they hadn't really decided how they felt about that one. Either way, it wouldn't be any time soon. "You must be very proud."

"Proud as they come, A son in Starfleet, a Son on the bench, and my baby girl is going to be a chef, not bad for a beat up ol Operations Mate."

There was something bittersweet for Sadie about the warmth and pride of a parent, but she tried to ignore her own history and enjoy the emotion she felt from him when he spoke about his children. "As long as they are happy and healthy as well, eh?"

"That's the Gospel truth there." There was a brief silence, "Right now, I'm just getting to know the department, and getting that horse trade list, there's already stuff we can swap out."

Sadie naturally hoped that none of it included actual horses. Though it would make a unique opportunity for disciplinary action... Moving on. "What sorts of things did you have in mind, Lieutenant?"

"Things that will make things easier for the ship, but aren't normally issued, I'm going to get a list from each department, then see what's out there, stuff that might be damaging/contraband will be excluded, I had a Senior Chief on my first posting used to do this, some places get stuff they don't need but not stuff they need, we got too much of like this here." He handed her the padd, "For some reason they gave us extra replicator charging packs, now we got enough to keep portable replicators going for at least 20 years on top of the standard, now the USS Artemis, is a science vessel who got some extras of sample containers, and they're an intel ship who don't need this, but we could use those, espeically since some of our tag is more exploratory, that would make sciences very happy." He paused, "If you'd like I can submit proposed lists to you for the ok, in case I miss something, which can happen."

She reviewed the PADD, nodding thoughtfully as she looked it over--tablet in one hand and coffee in the other. Classic captain configuration. She lifted her gaze and smiled at him. "I'd appreciate that," she said. "But I imagine you'll know what's what pretty well without my once-over."

"Appreciate it."

Sadie offered a smile and a nod. "I'll leave you to your work, then," she said, getting to her feet. "It was good to meet you, Lieutenant."

"You too Captain. "


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