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Check-in at Sickbay

Posted on Mon Mar 1st, 2021 @ 8:47pm by Lieutenant Commander Shinandra Alleir & Commander John Collins

Mission: On the Verge
Location: Deck 7, USS Solaria
Timeline: MD 02 (In transit to Sokratis Colony), 1300

After a quick lunch, Collins checked the schedule on his PADD; a decent block of currently-open time awaited him, according to the yeoman assigned to him. That, to him, called for another example of what Command School had called "management by walking around", just talking to people and popping in to areas aboard ship to see how things were going. Whether by talking to junior enlisted, NCOs, the chiefs, junior officers, or department heads, it was a basic element of the command team keeping a finger on the pulse of the ship and the crew.

Today, given they were en route to Sokratis, it suggested talking to the folks on Deck 7, the medical and counseling departments.

Hence, he stepped off the turbolift and began just idly walking in the direction of sickbay, occasionally stopping to chat for a minute or two with people who seemed not-busy. There were 855 servicemembers assigned to the Solaria (130 officers and 725 enlisted, to differentiate it further), so the XO was silently thankful nametapes listing surname were a thing in modern Starfleet uniforms; combined with rank insignia, it gave senior officers a fighting chance at differentiating crewman Bob Jones from crewman Joe Jones. That, plus Collins's intel-trained memory for people and their backgrounds, went a long way in making "management by walking around" less awkward than it could have been.

Sickbay was in "active mode" at the moment, with plenty going on but far shy of the "kicked-over beehive" that could happen when there was an emergency. They were prepping supplies to bring down to the colonists, as well as a few situation-specific items and processes readied for what they would find. And the CMO, Doctor Alleir, was where she always was: right in the middle of it and seemingly straight in eye-line for the door. Just in case any wandering first officers happened by.

Collins walked in, seemingly paying no attention to the CMO as he watched the activity in Sickbay. Until, finally, he approached. "Doctor Alleir, how goes Medical's preps for everything on Sokratis?" He asked once he was close enough to speak softly.

Hearing her name, the doctor looked up and blinked her dark eyes a few times. She took in the face and connected it a moment later with the personnel file. She knew all the senior staff, of course, but sometimes seeing someone in a situation you didn't expect to see them could delay recognition. "Commander," she greeted with a smile. "Our preparations are going apace, as you can see." She waved around her. "We are preparing medical supplies to bring down to the surface alongside personnel, studying on the sorts of injuries we might encounter that could be specific to fighting the Tzenkethi."

"Excellent. Do you have the deployment rosters completed yet?" Collins asked, nodding in approval at her report. "They're not due for a while, but anywhere I can get a jump on the people end of things, probably better."

"Yes. It's just..." She snapped her fingers, looking a touch "absent-minded professor" for a moment as she wandered into her office, emerging a few moments later with a PADD that she handed to him. Shinandra was a bit of an over-achiever, after all.

"Already done?" Collins grinned. "I like your style; Always helpful when staff work is anticipated before we ask," he quipped in appreciation. Then, looking it over. "We really don't have as many critical care specialists as we should, huh?" And that's when he noticed a name on the roster. "Are you sure?" He gestured to the name, but it wasn't entirely necessary. "He practically just got here."

Nandra smiled with understanding, but her expression was resolved. "He did, but he is here for an exchange. To learn about the Federation, and this is part of what the Federation and Starfleet does, isn't it? Since he is new, he'll be with me while on the planet surface, though. I won't set him loose on his own. That would just be mean."

"We're on the same page, then, actually. I'm fine with him on the surface, but he needs to be on a short leash, so to speak. Enough that he can learn, but ultimately we need to be a touch careful this soon," Collins replied. "Other than that, everything looks good to go; Any concerns I can resolve for you while I'm here?"

"Well, we could use some help moving these crates, Commander," Nandra said with a mischievous smile.

"We have strikers for that, I'll alert the CMC," Collins replied with an equal grin, referring to the Command Master Chief - the seniormost enlisted member aboard, what smaller ships called a Chief of the Boat - and the junior enlisted who hadn't chosen an occupational specialty when they enlisted.

Soon enough, a small group of them entered, nodding to the XO and CMO. "Where do you need us, doctor?" asked the most senior of them, a crewman first class or simply crewman.

Shinandra watched as the crewmen walked in. She flashed a smirk at the commander. "I think that's cheating, sir," she said before turning and directing her new support to start moving a variety of crates in preparation for their beaming down to the surface...


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