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Musical Security Seats

Posted on Tue Feb 9th, 2021 @ 12:36pm by Captain Sadie Stanton & Lieutenant Beau Ramaker

Mission: On the Verge
Timeline: In Transit

"A cargo...container..."

"Yes, ma'am."


"Yes, ma'am."

"...on my chief of security."

"Yes, ma'am."

The young officer who had been given the unfortunate job of telling the captain about this unfortunate accident did, indeed, look like he felt very...unfortunate. He had started out the brief report with only minor news, but that steel-colored, dead-eyed gaze of Captain Stanton had driven him deeper into the floor.

"A cargo container fell on the chief of security and she's unconscious in sickbay," Sadie repeated, just for good measure, because she could not believe the ridiculousness of the statement except for the fact that her experience suggested its ridiculousness was what compounded its reality. She didn't know what else to say to that. "And the deputy chief of security is outside?"

"Yes, ma'am."

"Send 'em in."

The young officer fled, stopping only long enough for a salute and a quick statement to "go ahead inside" before running off the bridge.

Beau entered the office and looked around. She'd been in here once, a long time ago, when she'd first reported aboard. Afterwards, she'd always managed to avoid being summoned here. Over time, she'd made it to Deputy Chief of Security, but that word 'deputy' protected her from having to deal with the highest-ups. Usually. Of course, her chief had to have a container land on her, and thus land Beau in this office.

It was obvious she wanted to be anywhere but here, but not in a fearful way. She approached the desk with a swallowed sigh when she'd committed the office to memory and nodded at the woman she found there. "You wanted to see me, Captain?" she asked. Of course she wanted to see her. She could already guess why. It didn't take rocket science.

Sadie's mood was fairly comparable already and sensing it off the lieutenant didn't lessen it. "Yes, obviously, or you wouldn't be here, now would you?" she drawled. Then she paused and stifled a sigh, rubbing one temple for a moment. "Clearly, you've heard about what happened to Lieutenant T'Revra?"

"And you want me to take over until you can replace her. Got it. Anything else?" Beau asked as she'd barely come to a stand still and already felt the conversation was over. Neither of them obviously was into small talk.

"Are you always like this?" Sadie couldn't stop herself from asking, resisting a smirk and arching one brow.

"Like what?"

The captain had to think for a moment to find the right adjective. She knew what "this" felt like and she recognized it on that level, but that didn't mean she immediately had the word to go along with it. "Brusque," she said. "Even with the captain of your ship. The job hardly requires pomp and circumstance, but most usually aren't quite so presumptive in this room."

To Beau's mind there was a difference between 'brusque' and 'presumptive', but she wasn't about to point that out. Yet. It really depended on how long she'd be kept hostage here. She had so many other and better things to do than standing there and having to explain why she was who she was. "I haven't shown any disrespect, Sir. What you judge to be brusque might very well be judged normal by others."

Sadie made a noncommittal noise. "You've been briefed on the colony situation?"

"I've been prepping to be the lead down on the planet, yes sir," Beau nodded. This was at least one area they could talk about, and she was happy enough to rise to the occasion. "I know the Chief had been planning to coordinate efforts from up here, but we need boots on the ground. So I was going to have a think on how to solve that conundrum."

"I suppose the deputy will need a deputy now," Sadie said wryly. "I would prefer it still be your boots on the ground, however, since I think that half of this assignment will be the more difficult part."

Beau found herself agreeing with her Captain, much to her own discomfort. A higher up existed to argue with. They usually knew less about the job than they pretended to know. Perhaps not so much in this case though as the Captain had come up through the ranks in Security as well. The thought was fleeing and she focused back on the boots part. "I have a few people in mind who could deputy the deputy, and who would be qualified to coordinate my teams. Not everybody is cut out to be boots on the ground, but at least they're usually good at coordinating."

Sadie nodded her acknowledgement. "Has the rest of the department been informed of what happened to the chief yet?" She knew she hadn't done it, certainly, but one never knew how information may spread on a ship.

"The grapevine works miracles, Captain. I'm sure everybody will be aware to the last detail by the time I get to the security area," Beau shrugged. She'd have to clarify some things undoubtedly, but she wouldn't have to break the news.

Nodding once, Sadie said, "Well, then. I'll let you get to it, Lieutenant."


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