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PLOT LOG - Arrival

Posted on Wed Mar 3rd, 2021 @ 8:11pm by Captain Sadie Stanton & Commander John Collins & Commander Sarah Deco

Mission: On the Verge
Timeline: MD 03 - 1230

The ship had been in subspace corridor 96-Alpha for a good long bout by now. But their journey was coming to an end, and all Alpha shift officers had been called on duty.

Sarah sat at her station, and was twiddling with some holo controls. To most people, it would appear that she was distracted, but to those who knew her, it was obvious she was keeping a close eye on the readings that were scrolling down the left part of her configuration. A few seconds later, the twiddling came to a halt and she glanced over her shoulder. "At our current speed of warp 8, we're due to exit this corridor in--" a beat until the chronometer hit exactly the right point "--5 minutes, Captain."

"Acknowledged, Commander," Sadie replied, her mind filling with thoughts of what might lie ahead. "Prepare to exit the corridor and begin our warp-nine sprint to the launch site."

"If I heard Engineering correctly, they've been twiddling with the warp core and they can probably get us up to warp 9.68 for this sprint. It might buy us some valuable additional time," Sarah continued to speak over her shoulder. It's not like she didn't have another four minutes and forty three seconds to determine their exact speed.

"Get all the speed you can," Sadie agreed, impressed with the ship's engineering department. Hopefully, the ship wouldn't explode in the process, but...time would tell. "If we get moving at that speed, approximately how much time for our sprint?" It was a funny analogy, she thought, since she'd always been a sprinter in physical fitness exercises. At least when it came to running. Her teachers said she just wanted it over with since running wasn't her favorite exercise.

Sarah looked at her readouts. They didn't go higher than warp 9.5, or really warp 9.0, all that often. The incremental curve was impressive, so she wasn't about to take a guess. "Give or take 14 minutes," she finally spoke. That part would be easy. It would be the part after that, where she had to manoever the ship into a precise orbit, that would be the challenge for her.

Sadie nodded. This was never her area in school, although she understood enough. "Let's see how it goes."

When the 5 minutes were over, Sarah gently made the transition from subspace corridor to warp 9.59. It took just a bit more pushing from Engineering obviously, but eventually, her readings were showing warp 9.68. It had increased their transition time slightly, but not enough to worry anyone with useless information.

As their sprint ran at an end, the COps, CTac, XO and CNav coordinated the probe launch. It went off without a hitch and it didn't take long for the results to come in. The GODs seemed to leave it alone. That was a good sign. After some brief further consultation between everyone, it was agreed that they'd go ahead and enter orbit.

It took some precise maneuvering from Sarah's part, but she managed to get them in geostationary orbit. It was quite unusual for a ship to choose that type of orbit, but the situation called for it. She'd made sure to run a few simulations to get their entry point right, and she was right on target. "We've reached our targeted orbit, Captain," she called out once the maneuvers were done.

"Thank you, Commander," Sadie said with a hint of relief that nothing had gone terribly wrong on their short transit jaunt. "Commander Collins." She looked at her XO. "What's the latest from the colony?"

"We're establishing surface to orbit datalinks now. Their main subspace transmitter had its power supply destroyed in the attack, so we'll need to replace that ASAP, and confirm successful installation, before Solaria leaves orbit even temporarily. They have militia and police reservists deployed alongside the standing forces, but indicate they've been on duty continuously since the attack. Medical and psych services are overwhelmed like they told us. Water is still going, as are the terraforming machines, but power is being strictly rationed as they're on emergency generators and there isn't enough for everything.

"Colonial data network is operational, no loss of stored information, but limited bandwidth due to the lack of power. Population is rather restless, in part because they did lose food supplies and replicators in the attack. I'm just requisitioning a merchant marine stop now, priority one. Current ETA of a freighter with food and necessary supplies to reconstitute the replicator network is 24 to 36 hours. They're rushing it, though, given I pulled out the priority one baseball bat, so they might be here within 18 hours." Collins replied.

Sadie took all that in with a nod. "Commander, assemble the away teams and head to the surface. Replacing the power supply for the subspace transmitter will be priority one."

Collins nodded. "Aye, Ma'am." A quick broadcast over the main intercom, then: "Attention all hands, attention all hands. This is the XO. All personnel assigned to deploy to Sokratis Colony, assemble as previously briefed, report status via your team leaders. Initial security and command away teams will deploy as briefed in 5 minutes." Then, to the CO: "I'll report in next from the surface in 3 hours." With that, he headed off to transporter room 1.


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