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Medical Briefing

Posted on Wed Mar 3rd, 2021 @ 7:28pm by Lieutenant Commander Shinandra Alleir & Ensign Dylrek Kaadtz

Mission: On the Verge
Timeline: MD01 - 1100

Doctor Alleir walked into sickbay immediately after the briefing of the senior staff had ended. Her mind was racing through all the usual things that it did when a new mission was at hand and there were people to be helped. She couldn't say, however, that she'd had much experience--direct or indirect--with the Tzenkethi until now. It would prove a challenge, but she was sure that both she and her staff were up to the job. It was with this positive, if still sober, attitude that she reached the place where she really spent all her time.

"We have a new directive from the top, everyone," she said in a voice loud enough to carry. "If you're not involved in something that can't be paused, gather round."

Dylrek joined the group and gathered round the Doctor. He looked at her curiously wondering what she was going to say.

After folks had gathered, Nandra offered a small smile. "We are presently en route to Sokratis Colony, which is a human border colony close enough to Tzenkethi space to make them unhappy. Until recently, however, they have not made any overt aggressive moves on the colonies. Again, until now. Now, they have attacked, and we are en route to lend aid and help train the colonists to better handle future aggressions." She paused to let that sink in. "Who here is familiar with the Tzenkethi and who needs the basic primer?"

Dylrek raised his hand. "I may require it, ma'am." before standing to attention.

Shinandra tapped on the PADD in her hand for a few moments. "There is what information we have to everyone's devices right now, but the top-sheet is that the Tzenkethi are humanoid in appearance but they are very different internally than the humanoid species we're familiar with. It's unlikely we'll have to treat any Tzenkethi, but just in case, you'll find what we know about their biology on yours PADDs.

"What we do need to be aware of is that their skin carries a slight electric charge that they can intensify at will. Anyone who touches them can receive varying levels of shocks and burns from this, so anyone fighting them who comes in close-quarters combat may receive these burns that we'll have to treat. They also are known to transmit diseases to others with contact while remaining only carriers themselves. We'll need to be on close watch for pathogens in anyone who was fighting close up with them.

"They are extremely xenophobic and are obviously taking current difficulties in the Federation as a time to attack, but don't expect them to go easy on anyone. Expect heavy casualties and severe injuries. The majority of the colony are human, but we will have to be prepared to treat all Federation races."

The doctor looked around to take in a few a questions. "Dismissed," she said. "We know what we need to do." She waited a moment before gesturing to Ensign Kaadtz. "Ensign, just a moment?"

Dylrek turned round to face Alleir. "Yes, First Healer?" He stood to attention.

"Relax," she said easily. "I know you're very new to the ship, and Starfleet in general, but I would like you to come to the planet surface with the away team. I think it will be a good experience for you in what Starfleet does more than just hanging around on the ship while it patrols."

"Very well. I am also trained in basic combat should the need arise, aside from field training as a Healer." He pointed to the tattoo marks on his face. "What should I be expecting of this Away Team?"

"Hopefully no combat," Nandra said earnestly. "There were several serious injuries that the colonial hospital is hoping for help treating as well as general overflow. They were not prepared for this sort of attack. We'll also be training them in potential treatment for Tzenkethi specific injuries as outlined in the data I handed out today."

Dylrek nodded in understanding. "Of course. Just guide me as to where I need to go. I am eager to help in whichever way possible."

Nandra nodded. "Great." She smiled. "Then we'll do just fine."


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