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Bred to peace

Posted on Tue Jan 19th, 2021 @ 2:00pm by Lieutenant T'Revra

Mission: Our Prologue
Location: Gladiatorial Arena, Taruttienus III
Timeline: Approx 15 years prior to present

I am a Vulcan, bred to peace.

These words echoed through T'Revra's mind as she she stood on the packed sand of the arena, with literally thousands in the stands cheering for blood.

Three months ago, T'Revra assumed the identity of Thue Gaius, a woman with Romulan ancestry and a skill with blades. As Thue Gaius, she travelled to Taruttienus III, a non-aligned world on the edge of Federation space which provided a marketplace for less than reputable business transactions. Taruttienus III was home to a number of sports that would have been considered barbaric on the core worlds of the Federation.

Which is why T'Revra had come to Taruttienus III. She was going to fight in the gladiatorial games.

T'Revra's mission had been simple. She was to present herself as an adventurous woman named Thue Gaius who wished to earn (more than a) few latinum strips by competing in the various combat sports popular on Taruttienus III. The V'Shar had provided her with a thoroughly seedy background that would satisfy the officials on Taruttienus III. While on the planet, T'Revra only had two jobs. Serve as an intermediary between two established agents on the planet, and stay alive.

The last part was actually easily accomplished. Though technically all the bouts in the arena were to the death, in reality they were usually to the submission. When you knew you were losing, you surrendered. This kept individual damage and demise to a minimum. Fighters who had a reputation for being overly bloody often found themselves targeted and eliminated by their fellow gladiators.

As the saying goes, no one is that good.

T'Revra could have made her life easier by participating in something called "mud wrestling," but her dignity required her to pass on that option.

Of course, the costume she was required to wear for gladiator fighting left something to be desired. According to her manager, large firm breasts barely covered, coupled with sleek, firm legs, would increase her social media following, which in turn would positively affect revenues. T'Revra might be indifferent to increased revenues, but unfortunately, Thue Gaius was "all about the latinum." So the skimpy outfit had to be endured.

The first two months of the assignment went off without incident. T'Revra/Thue Gaius earned latinum and notoriety, with a popular meme circulating with her image that read "Resting Bitch Face? This Bitch Never Rests!"

Then something happened.

One of the agents that T'Revra was serving as a go-between for was compromised. T'Revra herself was imprisoned. But T'Revra's popularity as Thue Gaius worked to her advantage. If Thue Gaius died in the arena on her feet, that was one thing. If Thue Gaius died in a prison cell because of some offense to some bureaucrat or high born official, that was quite another. At least as far as her sizable following was concerned.

In order to appease the mob, the powers that be arranged a competition that, if T'Revra/Thue Gaius won, she would be a free woman. The only catch was that only one competitor would be allowed to walk away alive from that competition.

To make things more interesting, it was going to be a three-way competition. When T'Revra saw who her competition was going to be, she knew the "deck was stacked against her."

One of her competitors was the biggest Sirran T'Revra had ever seen, both in terms of height and muscle mass. T'Revra had met a few Sirran, and respected the average Sirran's devotion to family and community, as well as their balanced approach to life.

The Sirran facing T'Revra across the sands was nothing like the Sirran the Vulcan had encountered in more civilized settings. There was a definite feral element in his eyes as it stared at the Vulcan women.

The other combatant was also huge, though not as large as the Sirran. T'Revra had never seen the alien or anything like it before, but suspected it would prove just as deadly, if not deadlier, than the Sirran.

The alien made T'Revra think of a four limbed anthropomorphic beetle, with a dusty blue carapace, and white lines covering its face and body. The alien had hard, black mandibles protruding from its lower jaw, which were constantly "clacking" as it stared at T'Revra with empty black eyes.

When the presiding official signaled the commencement of battle, the beetle-like alien and the Sirran ignored each other, almost moving in unison toward TRevra. If T'Revra were human, she would probably be thinking that it was going to be a long afternoon. Instead, she braced herself for battle, her two swords moving in circles, her eyes darting about for an opening.


The officials had not foreseen the battle's conclusion. T'Revra was standing bloodied but unbowed, while the Sirran and the insect-humanoid laid dead on the sand. The crowd was chanting "Thue Gaius" over and over, reaching an almost hysteric level of energy. It was obvious to the officials that they could not kill the Vulcan agent. At least not right now. But neither could they let her go. So the plan was to hold her until they could determine another method for her demise.

T'Revra had plans of her own. In the turmoil following her victory, she made her escape while planning her own extraction from the planet and back to Vulcan. She took one last look at the fallen bodies of the sentient beings she had just defeated.

The words 'I am a Vulcan, bred to peace,' once again echoed in her mind as she made her escape.


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