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Searching for the Light

Posted on Wed Feb 3rd, 2021 @ 11:56am by Commander Sarah Deco & Captain Sadie Stanton

Mission: On the Verge

Sadie was tired.

She never liked being woken at that hour of the morning anyways, and having it be a call from command was even worse...and with news like that? Worse still. After the morning briefing, it had been tons of reading and scattered meetings and updates with senior staff, as well as a call or two from the brass to follow-up on earlier points. Nothing that needed more briefings, but she was shuttling information to departments. So, yes, Sadie was tired.

Alpha shift was over now, though, and it had been for a little while, but everyone was still at work to prepare for their big task in this short time. One department she hadn't checked in with yet was helm... She wanted to see how Sarah was doing too. It had been a couple weeks and things had been alright, but still, her concern lingered. So she'd sent a message for an informal meeting this afternoon once her friend was available...

Tired herself after all the meetings, Sarah didn't really want to stop in at the Ready Room, then again, she did see why it'd be requested and why it wasn't entirely unreasonable right now. As they weren't moving through subspace corridors yet, a lot of the upcoming minutes and hours would happen under her general direction. She was admitted entry immediately after she rang the chime, and didn't have to search long in the office to let her eyes fall on her CO. "You wanted to see me?"

"Mmhmm," Sadie replied with a level of casualness she wouldn't show with any other crewmember right now. Her elbow was planted on her desk, chin on hand. "Come on in. Have a seat. Get a drink. Whatever you like." She waved with her other hand. "I just wanted to check in and see how it was going."

Sarah had enough OJ today to last a life time, but she was still thirsty. So, after she'd grabbed a glass of water from the replicator, she took a seat. The question could be interpreted many ways, so she chose the answer most fitting for the day. "We're looking at an arrival between 48 and 72 hours after departure, including a subwarp approach to deal with the GOD's."

Sadie would never not be amused by that name. Images of mythological deities sitting on satellites populated her mind while her more realistic side took in the rest of what she said. "How is the plan to deal with the--" She swallowed her laugh. "--GODs?"

The CO's amusement wasn't lost on Sarah, but she ignored it for now. She launched in a condensed and rather very technical explanation of what she'd come up with in her conversation with the other officers. Obviously aware that she'd lose Sadie halfway through the technicalities, she was enjoying her own sense of amusement.

For her part, Sadie had learned a lot about all these various things and followed them better since moving into command. As a security officer, she didn't think it much mattered to her. Later, she knew it did. "So long as we don't get shot out of the sky on our way to help them, I'm good."

"I'll do my best," Sarah replied while pulling a face. "I'm pretty sure it'll be fine though. Our plan of approach is pretty solid."

"Then I imagine you're right," Sadie agreed. There was a pause at that point, since that was pretty much as much duty as there was to cover. "And you? How're you doing?"

Sarah shrugged. "I'm alright," she spoke quickly, but then figured Sadie deserved more than that. They hadn't been talking all that much after she'd beaten up her friend, not aside from the business stuff anyway. She'd managed to escape being called in the ready room pretty much until now. She wondered just what else to say though. "I'm glad we've got something real to do now," she added. It was true, at least.

Sadie smiled wryly. "Being in dock for refit and then short trips around the block to shake out the kinks don't really count for being all that interesting," she agreed.

"How have you been doing?" Sarah asked the next awkward question. She was still feeling somewhat guilty for her antics back in the gym, but then again, it's not like she'd done it on purpose. Or maybe she had. In any case, she was pleading temporary insanity for that moment. Which lead to the point that she was genuinely interested in how her friend and CO was doing, but also that she felt like she didn't have much of a right to know.

"I'm alright," Sadie said after a moment. "I'm glad that the shakedown cruise went without incident. Not sure about the upcoming task." She paused. "Wish Darien didn't have a position on base instead of on the ship." At that, she shrugged. Not much one could do about Starfleet life.

Sarah hadn't heard her friend talk about her husband in a while. Even though they had been going through a rough patch themselves, he usually came up frequently. Now she realized he hadn't in a while. "Do you miss him a lot?" she asked, not being married herself.

Such feelings made Sadie feel...weak, so she didn't like to talk about them, but she had to be honest with her friend as well and so she nodded. "I do. We talk every night by comms, but it's not the same."

"Hopefully, this colony won't take up too much of our time, and we'll be able to return to base soon," Sarah shrugged. She'd asked the question to make things awkward, and now she didn't have the follow-up ready.

"It will take as long as it will take," Sadie said pragmatically, not wanting to linger too long on the topic either. "It will be...educational, I imagine. Can't say we've had to deal much with the Tzenkethi, mostly because until now, they haven't really wanted to have much to do with us since the end of the border war and all."

Sarah recognized the change of subject for what it was, and was happy to oblige. Not that the Tzenkethi were a much better topic. Too business like. "We'll know soon," she nodded while thinking about her next question. "Would you.. like to grab dinner together at some point?" she finally asked. She hadn't done that since their disastrous sparring match and it felt weird.

Sadie smiled a little. It was nice to hear Sarah suggest that again. "Sure, I'd like that," she said. "Whenever you like. With any luck, our time patrolling the space around the colony will remain quiet."

More awkwardness. Sarah wished things would go back to normal, but she didn't think they ever could or would. The two of them would maybe, hopefully, find a new normal, but the old one was gone forever. "Was there anything else?"

"No, I suppose that's it," Sadie said with a touch of her own awkwardness. "Just let me know when you want to grab that dinner."


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