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Mess Hall Meeting

Posted on Sat Jan 30th, 2021 @ 11:19am by Ensign Dylrek Kaadtz & Commander Sarah Deco

Mission: On the Verge
Location: Mess Hall

Dylrek entered the Mess Hall for the first time, observing his surroundings before looking for a replicator. He wandered over to the control panel before he remembered that his usual cuisine taste would not be in the database, so he looked through the list for Vegetarian options.

The thing about being a Helm Officer was that you rarely had much to do en route. There was a lot to do before the ship could get underway, and sometimes tricky stuff to navigate once there, but nothing to do while the ship was flying straight. So, Sarah had time to get something to eat while they were getting their plans together. Getting to the free replicator, she smiled at the Ensign in blue standing next to her. "Going for the veggie options?" she asked in her best social voice.

He looked over to the direction of the voice then looked down to see a female humanoid standing below his chest level before he collected his plate from the replicator, a simple mixed salad portioned enough to feed 3.
"Oh. Yes. The majority of my tribe are Vegetarians so I am as well." He simply stated.

Sarah tried to remember if she'd ever seen this guy. The mere size of him wouldn't be easy to forget. So she guessed he'd never been around on her many visits to Sickbay lately. "I'm Commander Deco, by the way."

Dylrek would normally snap to attention here but considering his was carrying a plate and was off duty, he didn't. "A pleasure, Commander. I am Ensign Dylrek Kaadtz, lineage to the Karn'Heivath. I'll be serving as the new medical officer as part of a cultural exchange, assigned by my Aunt and Uncle."

That might be why Sarah hadn't seen him yet. He probably hadn't been here then. "Have you received anatomy training then for most of the Federation races?"

"I have been briefed. Humans were easy to figure, they more or less resemble in a physical and Biological sense D'Qri, except are much shorter and don't have blue skin or red hair." Dylrek replied. "I anticipate more anatomy training soon but I am versing myself using the medical facilities and databases."

Well, blue skin would mean blue blood, Sarah mused briefly to herself. She was glad they didn't have that. Aside from that, she could see the value of the exchange. "How long is the exchange going to be?"

He pondered for a moment. "I believe roughly 1 Sol year, which to me is half a year." He replied. "Although, if I prefer to, I can request both the Federation and the Conglomerate to serve on a more permanent basis."

"If a star rotation takes that long, your planet must be pretty far from it?" Sarah queried as she picked up her own plate and they walked to a table together.

He nodded "That is correct. It takes roughly 730 days for a full Star Rotation, the Sun itself is fairly large as well. Rahl'Uhm is a fairly arid planet but where the Karn originated, is temperate and pleasant."

As they sat down, Sarah was even more consciously aware of how tall the man was. She didn't let it bother her too much though as she was way too hungry. "Welcome aboard, in any case. It's always nice to meet someone of a previously unknown species."

"Likewise, I look forward to finding more about Alphas and Betas during my stay." He began digging into his slightly oversized meal, spearing several leaves at a time while being careful not to bend the fork with his hand. "What position do you have on board?"

"I am the ship's Chief Helm officer. Your pilot. I'm taking you anywhere we need to go," Sarah grinned as she poked more at her food. It was interesting the way they were described as Alphas and Betas, but it made sense.

"Oh, I see. I believe the Helm often works in conjunction with Navigation and Engineering? I presume there to be more helm officers, as you are the Chief?" He was curious to know how a Federation Starship functioned in comparison to that of the Conglomerate.

Sarah nodded slightly, composing her thoughts. "Helm and Navigation are combined on most starships, including this one. There's a few officers in my department, but obviously it's a far smaller department than some others. I've also got a few officers assigned to me who have Helm as their secondary duty. They won't do any navigation, but they can pilot the ship quite deftly."

"I am eager to learn everything about each position on the Solaria. Knowing how each position works in conjuction with another would prove beneficial to me, in terms of education of course I am focusing more on the anatomy of the crew and their medical needs"

"I'll keep that in mind if I ever open up the floor for more secondary postings," Sarah smiled sincerely. Few people showed a real interest in Helm, so she'd take it when they did.

" it is a cultural exchange after all" Dylrek gave a polite smile. "Obviously in turn, I shall teach you and my new fellow crewmen about how a Karn ship function. Naturally however, I cannot divulge sensitive material, you understand?"

Sarah chewed through her bite before answering. "That's only obvious. If I were you, I'd report anyone who'd even ask about it. I'm pretty sure you'll be kept far away from sensitive materials aboard this ship, too."

Dylrek had already finished his meal. "Of course. My interest only lies in Medical Assistance and Requirements, aside from reading historical documentation and learning different cultures. Espionage isn't my specialty anyway"

"I'm glad to hear that," Sarah couldn't help but chuckle as she finished her own plate. "It was nice meeting you, but I really should get back to work."

Dylrek nodded as Sarah finished up. "Of course, been a pleasure meeting you as well, Commander."

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