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Shoving off

Posted on Sat Jan 9th, 2021 @ 11:36pm by Lieutenant Obadiah Harper

Mission: The Trumpets Sound
Location: Earth Spacedock
Timeline: MD-4 0430a

As he got older, 4:30 am was a harder time to wake up then he remembered as a boy. His father still got up at 4:30 every day, the man was nearly 100 and still got up to check the cattle, and ride his ranch. Maybe it was a good thing he was ‘getting soft’ as his father would say, and maybe his children would ‘get soft’ and then he could know they were doing ok.

Thoughts to ponder in the shower, he tried to move silently, the last thing he wanted to do was wake his wife up. What he should have known as they had been together for over 30 years, and every time he shipped out, she had breakfast waiting for him on the days he shipped out.

The large duffel bag was seated next to the door of their small quarters. He had already moved the essentials to his new posting. But now he would head on board.

In the kitchen, he saw a plate laid out, bacon, eggs, hashbrowns, some biscuits, and a big cup of coffee. Annie was by the stove, in her usual ratty robe, slippers, and bedhead.

“You didn’t have to get up.”

“Every time you’ve shipped out I made you the same breakfast, I gotta feed you before you get stuck on those damn replicators, you might get sick of my cooking.”

“No danger of that happening.” He settled down to tuck into his meal. As he doctored the eggs with pepper, and hot sauce he asked, “Where’s Sadie?”

“Sleeping, she got in late from work, apparently they had her prepping for a reception. Apparently, when you get to be an admiral, you get a fancy reception.”

He snorted, “fripperies and foolishness.” what he usually said about things like that. “I won’t have that silliness if I get promoted, though I’m too damn old to change now.”

“Well, if you get promoted I’ll know my bribes cleared.”

He shook his head, “you wound me.’ It wasn’t serious of course, and he had no plans of ever seeing another promotion. No college, no third pip was the unofficial rule, and he didn’t really care.

Once his meal was finished he moved the dishes to the refresher, another habit, then he took his new ship’s ball cap, perched it on his head, grabbed his duffle bag, one kiss later and he was out the door.


The USS Solaria loomed outside the windows as he approached the entrance way. One thing about getting on board early as he can, it allowed him to see how the late shift crew operated.

So at 5:45 AM, he was walking into the operations center and reviewing the to-do sheets, and the manifests of cargo, what they were receiving, what they needed, and what they had a surplus of. Surplus, he could use for some of that finest of traditions in military service.

Horse trading, plus he could get some extras too, better coffee for the crew mess, maybe some fresh ingredients, so maybe the plomeek soup was fresh.

That would be starting soon. Right now, he wanted to get this department in order.


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