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PLOT LOG - Rough Wakeup Call

Posted on Mon Jan 11th, 2021 @ 7:22pm by Captain Sadie Stanton & Commander John Collins

Mission: On the Verge

The USS Solaria had been out of spacedock for roughly two weeks.

During their shakedown, they had engaged in a number of course corrections and changes, all just to keep "field testing" the different elements of the ship and its new systems while it underwent its post-refit shakedown cruise. Departments that weren't taxed with that worked on staff cohesion and some on the cross-training that the command team wanted to see done--as time and scheduling allowed. Everything had gone well. The systems had experienced only minor bugs that Lieutenant Cortez's team had been able to jump on and get sorted quite efficiently, and there were no reports of any fistfights between new crewmembers.

All in all, Sadie called that a success.

They were able to drop off the shakedown contractors and then begin on their mission in earnest, heading off to get to work, feeling good for how things had gone...

So, of course, the peace couldn't be left to remain. That wouldn't be nearly dramatic enough.

"Captain," came the voice of the operations officer on duty at the ungodly hour of... Sadie opened her eyes and squinted them at a small clock on her bedside table. 0430! "There is an urgent communication from Starfleet Command."

"Of course there bloody is," she mumbled under her breath. "Put it through to my quarters." Since where else would she be at this time of the morning?

Staggering from her bed, she grabbed a robe off the floor and pulled it on. Tying it around her waist, she staggered to her desk and computer console to initiate the message. Once the emblem started spinning with the connection, she went straight for the replicator.

"Captain?" came a voice from the other side.

"Coffee," she called back.

There was a chuckle on the other side, although there was audible strain to it. She returned to the desk and sat down, sipping her coffee before speaking. "I thought you'd like me awake for this, sir," she said with a faitgued smile.

The older man on the other side of the channel smirked. "You might want to put something a little stronger in that..."

* * *

As soon as she'd gotten off the call with Commodore Whitmer, Sadie had told the officer on watch that she wanted all the department heads to receive a message to report first thing alpha shift for a staff briefing. Meanwhile, she hadn't bothered going back to sleep. She'd already gone through one cup of coffee by the time the way-too-early-morning chat had taken place, so there really wasn't any reason to. She had work to do before meeting with the senior staff, and they were going to have to get a move on once that had happened. For her part, she'd undergone a refresher through the database to get herself up to date on what was ahead.

Come first thing in the morning, Sadie was in the briefing room before anyone else. Her fourth raktajino sat on the table in front of her while she waited for her senior staff.

"Good morning, everyone. Apologies for the early start, but I received a call hours ago from Commodore Whitmer. It seems that the Tzenkethi, in the wake of events here in the Federation, have ceased being content with aggression against the shipping lanes near their borders. Now they have moved on to a full-on attack on one of Earth's border colonies." She sighed heavily and finished what was in her mug. The commodore had been right. She should've had something stronger. "Sokratis Colony has been established for several months and reached a population of half a million.

"Now, as of twelve hours ago, twenty-five hundred of them are dead. The Tzenkethi retreated after planetary defenses kicked in and response from Starfleet vessels that happened to be nearby, but Starfleet is very concerned about this spike in aggression from the neighbors. The colonists are terrified."

With that from the CO, Collins spoke. "We've been ordered to the colony to engage in Defense Support to Civil Authorities missions, at the request of the recently elected colonial governor. Job one is going to be training the newly established local defense forces in basically everything in tactical and technical terms, but we'll also be helping with reconstruction and providing surge capacity for the colony's hospital and their small group of psychologists. Meanwhile, other departments may wind up providing limited support to related intel-collection efforts against the Tzenkethi."

Sadie nodded agreement and acknowledgement of her exec's words and then picked up the conversational baton. "While our support and training teams are active on the ground, the Solaria herself will be adding to the defenses up high. We will be patrolling the planet's immediate space and just in case the neighbors want to come calling again. We have been urged to consider it highly likely that they will, so the ship runs a good chance of testing out our refit defenses and weapons."

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With that concluded, Sadie nodded once more. "Alright, back to work. Helm, set course for Sokratis Colony, warp eight. It should take us rough two days, and we all need to use that time to prepare. Dismissed."


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