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The Long & Short of It

Posted on Sun Jan 17th, 2021 @ 3:55pm by Lieutenant Sabina Cortéz & Ensign Cynthia Clary

Mission: The Trumpets Sound
Location: CEO's Office
Timeline: OOC: This is set during the previous plot, before the ship left on its shakedown cruise.

This is it, Cynthia told herself excitedly. This is where four years in the Academy has brought me. On the other side of that door is the beginning of my Starfleet career.

With that thought in mind, Cynthia signaled her presence at the door of the office of the Chief Engineer.

Lieutenant Sabina Cortéz was not behind her desk. She was never behind her desk. That thing was monstrous to her. Confining. A box that she didn't invent, so she didn't like it. No, she was standing next to one of the many shelving units she'd installed in here, which held all manner of things--mostly inventions of her own. She liked to play with them while she was thinking. Tinkering thinkering. Ha, she liked that.

The chime at her door made her jump. Her dark eyes jumped to it and she almost didn't answer, but she called, "Come in."

The ensign who stepped into the office, a full three quarters of a meter shorter than the chief engineer, literally bounced (thanks in no small part to the Floresian Stilts adhered to the sole of her boots).

"Lieutenant Cortéz?" the diminutive woman asked. "Ensign Cynthia Clary, reporting for duty." Cynthia presented the PADD containing her orders.

If Saba even noticed the woman's height, it didn't register on her features. No, the small narrowing of her brows and pursing of her lips was an entirely different matter of disconcertion. "More new people?" she asked, almost dismayed. "I thought they'd already sent over the whole herd of new people I'd have to get used to." She took the PADD and scrunched up her nose thoughtfully as she read it.

If Cynthia was insulted by her new boss' attitude, she paid it no mind. Instead, she patiently waited while the Chief Engineer perused her PADD.

For several moments, Sabina's face all wrinkled in toward the center, but then it smoothed back out. "Oh, well, I guess I do have a new person." She tossed the PADD onto the desk, where it clanked against the smooth top, spun, and slid off onto the floor, where the CEO left it for the moment. "Ensign...Clary, was it?"

"Yes, ma'am, Ensign Cynthia Clary," the Floresian replied. The shorter officer appeared to take no notice of where her PADD came to its final resting place. She merely stood in place, seeming to exude enthusiasm.

This was not the lieutenant's best area. The "people skills" and all that. "So, uh... Have a seat? If you want. Tell me a bit about yourself. You're coming aboard a bit late. Uh, what's your area of experience?"

With an ease that almost bordered on the acrobatic, Cynthia leaped and settled into the visitor's chair. With her feet dangling above the floor, she began listing her credentials.

:Well, I studied computer and electronics engineering at the Daystrom Institute...there's an annex on my home world," Cynthia began. "At the Academy, I specialized in theoretical physics and engineering, particularly propulsion. I couldn't stay away from the lectures on gate travel, organic drive, quantum slingshot...well, you get the idea. But at the end of the day, I'm a Floresian. So I'm happiest with a hyperspanner in my hand, popping open panels and doing repairs" Cynthia added with a broad smile.

Saba wondered if the small woman's oddly cheerful nature was a temporary or permanent state of being. "That all sounds good," the CEO finally said. "Do your job right and keep the ship in good shape, and you'll always be good by me. I don't fuss about much outside of that."

"Aye, Lieutenant," the Floresian replied. "If there is nothing else?"

The kid already wanted out? Saba decided she liked this one. "Nope, that'll do it. Have fun out there."


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