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Jack and the definitely non-Giantess

Posted on Wed Jan 6th, 2021 @ 5:37pm by Ensign Cynthia Clary & Lieutenant Jack Carver

Mission: The Trumpets Sound
Location: Deck 8, Corridor
Timeline: MD4, 1500

In a lot ways, maintenance and repairs on a Starship were easier for a Floresian than they were for larger beings. Cynthia moved through the Jefferies tubes with ease. She didn't have to kneel to access the lower panels, and Floresian Stilts made the higher panels no problems whatsoever.

At the moment, Cynthia was hanging/hovering while she finished work inside a panel located midway up a corridor wall

Jack was in a mood, after the meeting with T'Revra. It had gone exactly like he'd thought it'd go, so why this was surprising to him was beyond him. But such worked the mind of Jack Carver. Logic was not his strong suit. As such, lost in thought, he almost didn't notice the diminutive Ensign in time and had to perform an evasive ballet performance in order not to smack right in to her and probably bowl her over with their respective weight difference.

"Oh! Sorry, didn't - ahem - my bad. You ok?" he tried to straighten himself out and regain his 'cool' - inasmuch as he believed he had any of that.

One of the disadvantages of being significantly smaller than other humanoids is that they occasionally don't see you and will stumble over you. One of the advantages of this situation is that you develop an acute situational awareness and easily avoid being stumbled over.

Between her own acrobatic abilities and the Floresian Stilts, Cynthia was easily able to dodge the unintentionally dancing Lieutenant.

"No problem, Lieutenant," Cynthia said, landing nimbly on the deck. "I would say you got the worst of it, sir, but it looks like you got all of it," she added, tucking an errant hair back into her bun.

"Well my apologies anyways," he smiled. "Name's Jack, don't think we've met yet? I'd remember you."

There was something in the way Lieutenant 'Jack' said those last three words that made Cynthia think he wasn't just talking about her diminutive size. Nevertheless, she decided to give the other officer the benefit of the doubt.

"Ensign Cynthia Clary, Lieutenant," she replied with a grin. Cynthia extended her right hand, which was holding a hyperspanner, and mimicked the motion of shaking hands. "Currently head and sole member of the Department of Odd Job and Last Minute Touchups. With a list that's bigger than me and seems to keep on growing," she added, holding up a PADD with the list of tasks she was assigned.

"Ah, yes, the old DOJL - .. M - what was that again?" he chuckled. He paused a moment, tilting his head a bit. "Waddya say to a drink when you're done with your shift?"

"I appreciate the offer, Lieutenant," Cynthia replied with a smile, though internally she was saying 'I knew I was getting hit on!'

"But I was told my shift doesn't end until I get this list completed," she added, hefting the PADD, "And afterwards I still got to get settled into my new quarters. Haven't even met my new roommate yet. Raincheck maybe?"

"That's a shame. But, sure, raincheck," Jack offered a warm smile. Even he could tell that she was being diplomatic in turning him down. Truth be told, he appreciated the diplomacy. "So what brought you to Solaria, Ensign Clary?"

"A shuttlecraft and a PADD with my orders, Lieutenant," Cynthia quipped as she closed up a panel. "I think I was the only one in my class who didn't put in a request for Enterprise-E." Cynthia looked up at Jack and gave him a grin, "I just wanted a starship assignment. As long as I got that, I figured anywhere in Starfleet would be good."

"Eh, famous ships are overrated, anyways. Always those great big legends to measure up to," Jack made a face, giving a dismissive wave of the hand. "You're better off on a ship nobody's heard of anyways; only way to go is up," he added with a grin.

"You're right at that, Lieutenant," Cynthia replied, securing the panel. Smiling and gesturing with her hyperspanner, she added, "One down, a whole lot more to go. Been nice talking to you, Lieutenant. Rain check!"

With that promise, Cynthia bounced down the corridor to the next item on her list.


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