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Float like a butterfly

Posted on Sun Jan 3rd, 2021 @ 11:50am by Ensign Cynthia Clary

Mission: The Trumpets Sound
Location: Various corridors, USS Solaria
Timeline: MD4

With any large project, once it/s finished, there are still small tasks to complete. Nothing major, really. Minor projects that were overlooked, small changes requested and/or required by the new owner...that sort of thing.

The same was true with the refit of the Solaria. There were a few last minute tasks, just a few steps above menial labor, that would require someone low on the totem pole to go around and "check them off the list."

Fortunately for the Solaria's Engineering Department, they had a newly minted ensign to take care of those near-menial tasks, one Ensign Cynthia Clary.

Cynthia didn't mind. On the contrary, she was enjoying going around and exploring the ship while she crossed off items on the "to do" list on her PADD. She especially enjoyed the Jefferies tubes, which were more easily traversable for Cynthia than most crewmembers, particularly the oversized bulky ones.

Cynthia made more than one head turn, and not only because of her diminutive size and physical attractiveness. (One would be suitor, in an attempt at wit, remarked that Cynthia looked like a really hot babe who had been left in the dryer too long. Cynthia replied that the guy looked he had been given too much yeast and left to rise too long. Before the guy could react, Cynthia poked him in the stomach. The guy stormed off in a huff while onlookers laughed).

The primary reason that Cynthia was getting looks was her movements. The combination of her natural athletic ability combined with the Floresian's Stilts on the sole of her boots made Cynthia's movements look like a cross between a hummingbird and a gibbons.

Cynthia was more than halfway through her list when she heard someone call her name. She turned and smiled to see a gangly, blue tunicked human male waving at her.

"Danny Kenworthy," she grinned, extending up her hand. "I didn't know you were assigned to the Solaria."

"I'm not," Danny replied, taking the proffered hand. "I'm just here to make any needed last minute calibrations to your ship's medical equipment before I shuttle away. They're keeping me busy until I start Starfleet Medical School next week."need

"Well congratulations!" Cynthia beamed. Danny had always been one of Cynthia's favorite guy friends. Cynthia had a policy of not dating Non-Floresians until she became friends with them, due to the fact that the desire of some Non-Floresian males have a physical relationship with her bordered on the fetish.

Of course, once Cynthia did become friends with a guy, it was always she didn't want to date them for fear of losing them as a friend.

Danny had been one of those who had gone quietly and without resistance to the Friend Zone.

The two caught up with what had been going on in each other's lives since the short time they had left the Academy.

"Did you hear anything else about that Talarian exchange cadet, the ambassador's son?" Danny asked Cynthia.

Cynthia grinned. "What can he say? He attacked me in front of witnesses. Last I heard, he and his father were heading home, with a new Talarian ambassador heading toward Earth.

In Cynthia's and Danny's senior year, the son of the Talarian ambassador was allowed to spend a year at Starfleet Academy. The young man had been rude and obnoxious to staff and cadets alike. One night, in a crowded bar, he pointed directly at Cynthia and exclaimed he was not only glad that he had been born male, but hadn't been born the runt of the litter. Cynthia, who had had a few cups herself, remarked that it was a satisfactory trade off since at least her brain had gyri and sulci.

The ambassador's son, not sure how he had been insulted, only that he had been, lunged at the young woman less than half his height. Cynthia rolled out of the way and slapped a Floresian Patch on the attacking Talarian.

In Cynthia's words, "The bigger they are, the funnier they fall."

After they talked a few more minutes, Danny advised that he had a shuttle to catch. Cynthia wished him well at medical school, then turned to get back to work. Danny gave the Floresian woman a rueful look before heading toward the shuttlecraft bay.


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