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Securing Security

Posted on Sat Jan 9th, 2021 @ 3:45pm by Lieutenant T'Revra & Captain Sadie Stanton

Mission: The Trumpets Sound
Location: Captain's Ready Room
Timeline: MD4 0730

Many officers, upon first reporting to their commanding officer, would be fidgeting outside the door and tugging on their tunic before signaling their presence at the entrance to the ready room.

T'Revra was doing none of these things.

Not that T'Revra's appearance wasn't presentable. It was immaculate. Her uniform was spotless and not a single hair was out of place in her bun.

T'Revra mentally acknowledged the importance of her first meeting with her Captain. But in typical Vulcan fashion, she would consider visibly agitated behavior both illogical and unproductive. Instead, she signaled her presence at the entrance of the Captain's Ready Room looking like what she was: a prepared, unperturbed Vulcan.

Sadie's empathic abilities were not quite as strong as some people's, but she always knew when someone was approaching her door, so she felt the presence there now. The cool, collected feeling to that energy told her--from her years and experience in Starfleet--that it could only be a Vulcan. Her mind did a mental check and she recalled that the ship's new chief of security was Vulcan. Being a bright girl, she knew that two and two made five...

"Enter," she called, this whole process only having taken a few moments from chime to call.

Briskly entering the ready room, T'Revra stood stiffly in front of the Captain's desk. "Captain Stanton? Lieutenant T'Revra, reporting for duty." The last part was accompanied by the Vulcan handing a PADD containing her orders to her new commanding officer. Completely unnecessary, of course. The Captain had undoubtedly reviewed both T'Revra's Starfleet record and the publicly available portions of her time with the V'Shar. But traditions had a logic all of their own.

Sadie offered an economical smile and single nod as she took the PADD. "Thank you, Lieutenant. Welcome aboard. At ease. Have a seat, if you'd like." She waved at the replicator as she got up to fetch a second (or was it third) cup of raktajino. "Can I get you something to drink?"

"No thank you, Captain. The offer is appreciated," T'Revra said as she took the proffered seat.

After ordering her drink, Sadie returned to her desk and settled into her seat. She knew the lieutenant wasn't freshly aboard, so she asked, "How has your acclimating aboard the Solaria been going?"

"As can be expected, Captain, thank you." T'Revra paused, wondering if the Captain wanted to engage in small talk. T'Revra decided to take the initiative and engage in more meaningful dialogue. "Prior to my arriving on the Solaria, I met Commander Collins. He advised me of your intent to begin a shipwide cross training program."

Sadie nodded, sipping her raktajino and then setting it on the desk. "As a long-term plan, yes," she replied. "It's my intention that all crew should be able to man other stations in case of an emergency, although we naturally have no intention for this cross-training to interfere with everyone's main duties."

"I expressed my concerns to the Commander about initiating this training while the crew becomes accustomed both with their new duty stations as well as working with new crewmates," T'Revra continued.

Although she was a bright woman and could figure out the answer to her own question, experience taught her the value (after a while) of not assuming things. "What are those concerns, Lieutenant?"

"Even highly trained individuals need time to integrate," T'Revra began, "Particularly when they are not joining an already fully established crew. This ship itself has acquired new technology. Even those who are not directly working with the technology will need time to learn new procedures due to that new technology. This takes time. Adding additional tasks before this training is sufficiently complete will be counterproductive."

Sadie tilted her head slightly, curiously. "In what timeframe are you under the idea that this cross-training is required? And who do you believe will dictate the scheduling of it?"

"As to the latter, I recognize that decision is yours, Captain," the Vulcan replied flatly. "To the former, perhaps I have misrepresented my concerns. I was not worried about the timeframe in which the cross training was conducted. My concern, Captain, is that either initial crew training would be unnecessarily accelerated to accommodate the cross-training program, or that the cross-training program would be superimposed on initial cross training, degrading both and crew morale simultaneously."

"Well, I do understand those as concerns," Sadie acknowledged, "but I would point out that even though the Solaria has undergone a refit, it has not received an entirely new crew. There is a portion of your department that has been stationed here since prior to the refit, like myself and some department heads.

"Aside from that, our goals for the cross-training are not hard-set deadlines. They are goals. The timeframe of the training will be worked alongside the progress of the crew during the shakedown cruise and staff integration. We do not need to demoralize the crew, and that's not the intention. As such, the schedule of the cross-training will be left to you and your fellow department heads to schedule for your own people according to what they are able to safely accommodate. With the goal of three to six months, as possible."

"Thank you, Captain," T'Revra said with a nod. "I'll begin coordination with Tactical, Intelligence and Operations at the first opportunity."

Sadie nodded in acknowledgement. "Thank you, Lieutenant," she said. "Do you have any questions or any other concerns you'd like to address up front?"

"No, Captain," T'Revra replied. "I had concerns when it came to the training schedule, but no longer." Coming to her feet, T'Revra asked, "Will there be anything else, Captain?"

"Actually, yes," Sadie said with a faint smile. "Although it's not precisely a professional matter. If you'll indulge me another moment?"

"Of course, Captain," the Vulcan replied, resuming her seat.

Sadie nodded. "Thank you, Lieutenant," she said. She waved at the PADD on her desk. "It says here that you have had experience and been active in anbo-jyutsu?"

T'Revra nodded. "I find it a most insightful sport, Captain. And, unlike most other forms of unarmed combat, it is one that requires my full attention and ability when facing other opponents." There was no trace of pride or boasting T'Revra's declaration. Merely a statement of fact.

"I wanted to suggest that you may be interested in speaking to Commander Deco, our chief helm officer. She is also very active in the sport, as are a few others aboard the ship."

T'Revra nodded. "I will do so, Captain."

Sadie nodded in acknowledgement. "Excellent. In the meantime, Lieutenant, I'll let you get back to work. Dismissed, and welcome aboard the Solaria."

"Thank you, Captain," T"Revra replied as she rose from her chair for a second time. With a nod, she exited the Ready Room, her mind already laying out the next steps she needed to make to settle in on the Solaria.


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