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Meeting the Boss

Posted on Thu Jan 7th, 2021 @ 9:23pm by Lieutenant Commander Shinandra Alleir & Ensign Dylrek Kaadtz

Mission: The Trumpets Sound
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: MD04, 1300 hours

Dylrek wandered along the corridors, took a turbolift to deck seven then continued along before coming across the doors into sickbay. The doors opened for him as he stepped inside. He looked around for a bit. "Hello?"

A slender woman with dark hair and dark eyes had just been walking into the open center space of sickbay, wearing a blue lab-coat and looking at the PADD in her hand, when she heard the voice and looked up...and up. She did not recognize the person standing before her, nor his race offhand, so she tilted her head curiously but smiled politely. "Can I help you?"

Being physically taller than the person infront of him, Dylrek had to look down at her slightly just to match her eye level. He recognised the blue coat, after having familiarised himself with the colours of Command, Sciences and Operations.
"Yes, I am your new Medical Officer, Ensign Dylrek Kaadtz, lineage to the Karn'Heivath." He replied simply and plainly.

Ah, yes. Nandra remembered a quick memo about this. She smiled again and nodded. "Welcome aboard, Ensign. I'm Doctor Alleir, the chief medical officer." She straightened her head. "I'm afraid I'm thus far limited in my knowledge of your people. Would it appropriate to address you as Ensign Kaadtz?" She knew that Bajorans, among others, put their family names first so it was always best to check.

"Ensign Kaadtz will be fine." He replied as he observed his surroundings. "We are a fairly literal people when it comes to being addressed. Well some of us anyway."

Nandra chuckled curiously. "May I ask then what those who aren't so literal end up wishing to be addressed as?"

"By their forenames." He answered simply. "Warriors are simple enough to address, depending what tribe they are from."

"I see," the doctor said with a nod. "Well, I hope that you and I will get time for me to learn more about your people. I'm afraid so far, I only know the brief that came just short of your arrival for our medical files. I haven't been able to read it in depth yet, so whatever information you'd like to provide now about your medical needs would be appreciated. Otherwise, we can settle in and start talking about duties and experience."

Dylrek simply nodded. "Yes, well for starters our bodies contain a higher amount of iron in the blood, along with traces of magnesium. Aside the tusks in our lower jaw, highly sensitive ears and the double jointed legs, our physiology is almost the same as a Human's. On the more Biological side of things, male Karn enter a cycle every 2nd Sol Year that we simply call the Season"

Nandra was not naive, after all, and she was a doctor, so it wasn't too hard to make a guess as to what "the Season" was. If anything, the early time it was being brought up was a surprise. Was it the Karn who were so open or just Kaadtz? "Is there anything I need to know about this Season, from a medical perspective, other than to be aware of it?"

"Namely the symptoms and signs and what to do. Flaring, expanding and bulging of the neck ridges. " He points to the ridges along the sides of his neck. "Along with change in the pigment colours along with Hyperhidrosis and an increase in Testosterone and temperment levels. This occurs usually within the first 4 days of the Season which in turn lasts 2 weeks. It is typically treated on the 4th or 5th day, if untreated, the Karn in question will gradually revert to animalistic instincts and will go in search of a mate and rival."
He continued on.
"Possible treatments include diverting Testerine into Dopamine or Adrenaline, using a device to balance Testosterone levels with only enduring the symptoms of the 4 day symptoms.for.the 2 weeks. I would prefer manufacturing this plant and using the oils to create Dopamine injectines, personally." He produces a fern like plant.

The doctor wondered, briefly, just where he had been keeping that plant, but she decided she didn't want to know. "Would you permit me to take the plant for a time to study it?"

"Of course. Here you are, First Healer." He handed the fern like plant over to Shinandra before realizing. "Oh, I forgot to ask the Master Chief, would I be permitted to wear this Transporter Buffer Belt? It comes in useful for taking things when you need them without the hassle of actually going to a storage facility." He indicated to the utility belt wrapped around his waist.

"Uniform conformity is not really my area," Nandra commented as she examined the plant. "Although I imagine it will be alright." She carried it the few steps to her office and set it on the sideboard before returning to her new officer. "With that set, would you like to tour sickbay and begin to learn your new work environment?"

"That would be most beneficial. Thank you, First Healer." He simply replied with a smile.

She returned the smile and nodded. "Let's get started, then."


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