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[TBD] Garran / Dylrek

Posted on Thu Dec 31st, 2020 @ 1:14pm by Ensign Dylrek Kaadtz & Commander Garran Suliborn

Mission: The Trumpets Sound
Location: Gym

There were a few people in the gym, going about their business, doing their reps, lifting their weights, punching the bag, jabbing at and dodging imagined opponents, doing their stretches, generally taking care of themselves. Though one stood out. A massive mountain of muscle and black-into-graying fur, the ship's resident chief spook, Garran Suliborn. Just Garran, to friends

He stood near a corner, out of the way of the others present, wearing a simple tank top and excercise pants, doing his slow and measured repetitions. Bicep curls this time, with 175 lbs dumbbells. That he had to have especially made. "Fifteen ... Sixteen ... " his voice a deep, resonating bass, alternating left arm, right arm, and back again.

Dylrek came into the gym to see what was happening. The doors opened for him and he observed the area, all current users seemed small compared to Dylrek, save for one, a Hound like Anthropomorphic being. Seemed out if place. Ducking his head slightly under the doorframe, he entered the room and looked for a machine or object to use.

Garran glanced up at the sound of someone new entering and quirked a brow. "Huh, that's new," he mused quietly, setting his weights down. "Hey, you new here? Haven't seen you before," he offered.

Dylrek turned his attention to the stranger as they called out to him. "Yes. I am part of the Cultural Exchange programme between the Federation and the Karn Conglomerate."

"Karn?" Garran flicked an ear, extending a massive, clawed paw in greet. Though not as massive relative to Dylrek's own hand as it was to your average, ISO standard human. "Never heard of 'em. Nice to meet you, name's Garran. I'm the chief spook onboard this tub."

Dylrek instinctively gripped Garran's forearm and nodded curtly. "Yes, I hail from the Planet, Rahl'Uhm in the Gamma Quadrant." He glances at Garran "your species is Sirran, correct?We have records of your species in our archives." He added simply.

"Yeh, I'm a Sirran," Garran smiled, tail giving a lazy wag as he did. "Kind of embarrassing that I've never heard of your people before, being the Intel chief," he added with the flick of an ear, looking Dylrek up and down a bit. "Hm. Athletic build, but strong. Stable stance, purposeful movements. Sturdy. Warrior people?"

"Naturally. Karn are strong built due the Gravitational field of our planet, plus take into consideration of the Oxygen levels." He replied with a smile, feeling a bit of pride. "We are typically isolationists but recently our newly chosen leader, the Djar, my Uncle, has leaned towards a more open approach."
He moved closer to Garran and mentally began assessing his build. "Well balanced build but mostly leaning towards a muscular form. Like Karn you posseds heightened sense, namely in hearing and smell. From what I understand of the archives, you are more like those of my tribe, prefer diplomacy but do not let others presume you are weak."

"That's right," Garran said with a smile, "we like using every tool we can. Speaking of, think you can help me with my exercises? Need someone to hold the punching bag still for me, and you look strong enough to handle it."

"Sure" Dylrek responded before he positioned his hands on the bag and braced himself steady for Garran to use it. "I believe the Djar and Protector Ghokan are considering approaching the Sirran about entering into a Coalition. Whether or not it'll happen, I am unsure but considering the Sirran may not be aware of us..."

"I'm sure they are. It's part of the Concensus' job to know about prospective allies or trade partners. Your people have just never crossed my desk, never had a reason to learn of them. Do now though, will be certain to read up on your people when I have a moment," Garran offered, getting in position and rolling his shoulders a bit to loosen them up. Dylrek might notice the venerable Sirran moved with a slight limp in his step. "For now though, I have a punching bag to beat up on," he smirked, landing a few exploratory hits before really leaning in to it and delivering a series of massive sledgehammer blows that rocked the bag, muscles rippling as he did.

Dylrek watched the Sirran land his blows while he held the punching back, bracing for each impact. His eyes did catch onto the slight limp, barely noticeable to the untrained eye but an eyesore to one in the medical field.
"Mr. Garran, I must ask, how did you end up with a limp in your dominant leg? I'll be one of the Medics onboard the Solaria, so my duty is to notice these things."

"Just Garran," the massive Sirran replied, laying down biblical violence upon the bag. It was a good thing it was built to last. "Just an old war wound. Have had it for almost twenty years, nothing much can be done about it now without invasive surgery. I make do, it's not bothering me that much," he explained, punctuating every other word with a forceful impact to the bag. Had it been anyone lesser than a full grown Karn holding it they wouldn't have been able to hold. "I'm old, young one. Going on one-sixty now, Federation standard years. Body's not what it used to be," he mused, slowing down his assault a bit to allow himself some breath. "What's your name?"

"Dylrek of the Kaadtz, lineage to the Karn'Heivath." He replied simply. "I believe my age in federation standard is 40. By my species, I am 20." Dylrek added as he braced against the punching bag.
"There are many warriors I am reminded of when seeing you, the Elder Honour Guard."

"Oh?" Garran stepped back, shoulders heaving a bit with his breath. "Not just because I'm old, I hope?" he winked. "You wanna have a go at the bag? I'll hold it for you."

"No." He said simply. "The Elder honour Guard are considered the most wise of warriors and despite their age they are still willing to fight." He the nnodded to Garran before switching places. Dylrek patiently watchs the bag and begins to punch it, driving his three digit hands right into it. One, two. One, two. He struck hard before a next set drives his fist into the bag itself. "Oh... my apologies."

Garran smiled, flicked an ear, tail giving a lazy wag at the compliment. He braced himself as Dylrek started his assault, each pounding strike shuddering the bag, the sheer power from the Karn almost surprised him after decades of being used to dealing with more ISO-standard humanoids. "Why apologize?"

Dylrek pulls his hand out from the bag and gestured to it. "I believe you might need a replacement." He had left a giant gaping hole in the bag, revealing the soft innards. "I am not used to soft objects used for training."

"Well, there's your problem," Garran reached over to tap Dylrek on a knuckle, protected by a bony plate, almost like armor. "That's hard and unforgiving. Bag's not designed to deal with that. Might I suggest padded gloves?" he said with a smile. "I've been beating up on this model of punching bag for decades, it can handle your power, just not designed to handle your physiology."

"Ah of course." Dylrek replied simply as he looked between the punching bag and Garran. "Most Karn warriors use metallic or wooden targets for their martial training because of this, eager warriors will often compete with one another to see who can do the most damage to the equipment." He flexes his fingers a bit while looking down at the boney plates on his knuckles.

"Computer, clean up and new bag, please," Garran spoke to the air. The old, damaged bag and the sand that had fallen out of it disappeared in a gleam of shimmering blue, replaced by a new bag. "Metallic or wooden targets can easily be arranged, I'm sure. Though I'm sure various holodeck training programs already exist that would suit those purposes."

Dylrek nodded "I have brought over some of my own programs along with me, however I think there may be compatability issues if I try to run them." He said as he watched the old beaten up bag get replaced instantly. "Most of our information come in the form of data rods."

"I'm sure something could be arranged. Engineering should be able to help you, or Operations," Garran smiled. "Well, Dylrek of the Kaadtz, lineage to the Karn'Heivath, it was great meeting you and thank you for your help holding the bag still for me, but I really should return to my duties now."


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