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Talosia Redeux

Posted on Tue Dec 1st, 2020 @ 3:09pm by Captain Sadie Stanton & Commander Sarah Deco

Mission: Our Prologue
Timeline: OOC: This series of logs takes place during 2390. TW: Some violence.

Time lost pretty much all meaning. Eventually, the two women were tossed in a room and left to their own devices. For now. Their hoods and mouth props were removed, apparently these guys didn't care if they yelled, but their hands remained behind their back.

Blinking against the sudden light and wimpering from the hard landing on the ground, Sarah looked around frantically and scurried backwards against the first flat surface she could find. She pressed her back against it, painfully aware of her hands being crushed in the process, and closed her eyes. Perhaps, if she tried hard enough, she could will it all away.

"Hey," Sadie said quietly, looking at the terrified helm officer. No wonder. Her department didn't spend a lot of training for situations like this. Even the brawler of a security chief managed to sound kind. "Let's try to focus on what we can do, okay? Try to open your eyes and look around. Can you see anything to help block the door or use as a weapon?"

Sarah listened to the voice trying to cut through the darkness. Open her eyes? Blocking the door? Using a weapon? The questions intrigued her enough to force her eyes open. Only to see the forceful Security Chief looking at her from a distance away. She wasn't somebody to be able to look for a weapon. Wouldn't know where to start. Instead, she just gazed at the eyes facing her.

Well, she opened her eyes at least... Sadie thought wryly. "Look around the room. What do you see?" She already knew what she saw, but she needed to get the other officer focused. Not frozen.

"A... a... door," Sarah stammered, looking around. As she'd made her way from the fall immediately to the closest wall, she was facing the only way out. She didn't exactly feel like she could look around more, for fear of being noticed, so she just focused on the door. "A... wooden door."

Sadie sighed. "Yeah, that's about all I see too..."

Eventually, that door opened again. Having little interest in the scene in front of them, the tallest of the two guys approached Sarah while the other one took up residence next to the door, a pistol trained on Sadie, with a 'don't even think about it' look in his eyes.

As he hooked his arm under Sarah's elbow, the woman started shaking her head. She was otherwise quiet but the obvious trembles that ran up and down her body. She'd forcibly closed her eyes and was fighting the nausea that was about to overwhelm her. It gave her something to focus on, at least, aside from the fact she'd just been grabbed by a very nasty looking man.

Sadie just sneered disdainfully at the man with the gun. If they wanted them dead, they wouldn't have taken them hostage in the first place. "Hey!" she then shouted at the other man, turning her head toward him. "Talk to me. She doesn't know anything so you'd just be wasting your time."

"And you do?" the guy continued with narrowed eyes. He nodded to the one nearest the door, who approached Sadie wearily and kept his weapon up carefully. "So, perhaps you'll be inclined to talk once we're... through.. with your.. companion."

"I'll be less inclined then," Sadie said flatly. It was a dangerous line, she knew, but this other young woman was not trained for handling this. Sadie was. She was gonna try her best to get their focus on her. "Not that I can say I'm particularly inclined to talk to you people. Your hospitality sucks." She eyed the one with the gun significantly, though she didn't make any moves. She knew that would be a bad play.

The guy turned on his heels and walked out. "We'll see," he could be heard saying as he dragged Sarah along.

Sadie watched with a dark glower as both men left, taking Deco with them. She almost made to lunge at them, but she knew she'd just be shot. The man with the gun--who walked out backwards, keeping the weapon steady and trained on her--looked like he just wanted an excuse.

When the old-fashioned door shut with an old-fashioned slamming, Sadie kicked the hard floor. "Fuck!" she spat angrily.

In the next room, Sarah was flung on a chair and her hands and feet were secured to its back. She desperately tried to get free, but her struggles didn't bring her anywhere. Instead, she tried to focus on the breathing, but that didn't really bring her anywhere either.

"Apparently, you don't know anything," one of the man said off-handed. "That's alright, we'll just make you scream enough to get the other one to talk."

Those words sent a chill down Sarah's spine and she nearly wet herself right there and then. Instead, her body reacted by starting to shake all over.

The next hour or so--Sarah lost all track of time--passed in a blur to the woman. She remembered flying across the room, her chair keeping her in place as she couldn't brace for landing. She remembered pain everywhere and all over. Pain being her entire being. She thought she'd screamed until her voice was raw. In all that time though, she couldn't remember a single question being asked. She remembered sharp pain, dull pain, stinging pain, crushing pain. And blood. There was just.. pain.

Once she was tossed back in the room where Sadie was held, her hands still tied behind her back but that wouldn't have done anything to keep her more conscious at that time either, she barely knew what was happening.

"Bastards," Sadie spat as they brought the helm officer and dumped her back in the room.

The man at the door smiled, flashing the lack of modern dentistry they had on this planet. "Save your sweet words. We'll be back for you soon after you've had a chance to contemplate..." Trailing off, he nodded toward the prone officer and then left. The door slammed shut behind him once more.

"Fuck," Sadie growled in a low voice, but she made her way awkwardly to cross the distance between her and Deco. "Lieutenant?" she asked, trying to keep her voice gentle--even if there was urgent concern for just how injured she was.

Sarah was conscious, but barely. The shouts and the words didn't really register. All she knew, was that she couldn't really move. Still couldn't. It bothered her. She didn't know why. She started trashing and tugging at the restraints. She was already bleeding everywhere and then some, but her renewed struggles bit deep down in her already battered wrists.

What was this woman's first name... Sadie wracked her brain but could only come up with the last name. It would have to do. "Hey, hey," she said, still trying to not be too loud but enough to get attention. "Calm down. You're just gonna make it hurt more doing that."

Trying to listen to the voice, oddly soft and compassionate for this situation, Sarah slowly came to lie still. Perfectly still. Her breathing was ragged, but she was listening for the voice. The calming voice. The voice that willed her to calm down.

"That's better," Sadie said, trying to keep her even tone but with a hint of relief to her words. This really wasn't her area of expertise, after all, but she had some de-escalation training so that would have to do. "It's okay now. They're gone now." And I have some small amount of time to figure out how to kick their asses when they get back... Or hope that they got rescued in that time.

Was it okay? Was it really okay? Okay was good. She could deal with okay. But stars, everything hurt so much. Sarah tried opening her eyes, but even that was difficult, probably because of the angry welts that had started to appear all over her face. She had to sit up. She just had to sit up. Her mind clinging to the fact that she had to sit up, she used the wall once more. This time to push her and listen to the voice.

Sadie wasn't sure if sitting up was a great idea, since she didn't know what the woman's injuries were, but she wasn't going to tell her to stop. She leaned back against the wall herself, yanking a little at the bonds around her wrist. They wouldn't budge, still, no matter how hard she tried. "We just need to sit tight and make it through a little longer before they come get us," she said, keeping her voice low in case there was surveillance in the cell.

Sarah listened to the voice even though her head swam. It was better as long as she kept her eyes closed. Make it through a little longer. Sit tight. Those all sounded like things she should be able to do. And the woman who was imploring her to do so, was the last she'd expected. "You're not as bad ass as you would like people to believe," she whispered after a short while of silence.

That drew a faint laugh. "I absolutely am," Sadie said with a smirk, "but that doesn't mean I'm that way a hundred percent of the time. I have other sides and can be okay sometimes." That was about as much as she was willing to admit, of course. But she knew how people saw her, and she really didn't care most of the time to change their minds. It wasn't worth the effort, but this was different.

"Are we going to get out of here?" Sarah continued her quiet whisper after more silence. It felt better to talk than to relive the past hour in her mind. Everything hurt so badly. She was sure they'd cracked several bones, and she had the internal injuries to match the outward bruises. She realised she must look worse for wear and embarrassment swept over her.

"We're gonna get out of here," Sadie said with confidence. "They just have to find us." She didn't want to say too much aloud about how they'd find just, just in case the walls had ears, but this sort of scenario had not been entirely out of her realm of possibility. "We'll get out of here," she said again.

Sarah tried to believe. Try to listen to the words. Tried to take in the meaning of the words. They'd get out of there. Or would they? She probably didn't realise then that she'd never leave the place completely. That it would always be a part of her. Her mind circling and circling around the same words, it didn't occur to her that she hadn't spoken yet.

Before they could say anything else, the door opened again. A wedge of light fell over Sadie's face and she winced, only seeing the same pair of men stride in. She began to move herself to block them from the helm officer, but it wasn't needed. They grabbed her this time and hauled her from the room.

Sadie resisted them out of habit, but she was relieved that it was her and not Deco.

They all but threw her into the hard metal chair, and it rocked back on two legs. It nearly toppled over backward but she threw her legs down and kept it upright. Her arms were pressed against her back and she looked up at them with as much disdain as she could muster. One looked thoroughly unimpressed, while the other did look a bit weary.

"So, you said you're the one who knows things," the man began.

"I also said I wouldn't tell you shit if you beat on my friend, but you did it anyway," she snarked.

The man backhanded her hard enough to snap her head to one side, and she felt something crack in her mouth. Turning back to him, one side of her face half-wincing, she looked up at the man who had hit her.

"You were saying?" he drawled.

She swished blood, spit, and tooth shards to the front of her mouth and spit them in his face. "Fuck you," she said.

It kept him busy, but at least it was her now.


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