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Talosia Reun

Posted on Fri Nov 27th, 2020 @ 4:18am by Commander Sarah Deco & Captain Sadie Stanton

Mission: Our Prologue
Timeline: OOC: This series of logs takes place during 2390.

There was a beat-up, nearly ancient shuttlecraft sitting on the floor of the shuttlebay. It looked just this side of being legal--maybe--and perhaps just that side of being spaceworthy, even though the engineers had assured all of them that it would get them down to the planet and probably get them back to the ship again. Nothing they said was really all that comforting, but what was life without a little risk, right?

Lieutenant Commander Sadie Stanton, Chief of Security of the USS Solaria, straightened her hat on her head. This was her "going undercover in a den of thieves" outfit and would hopefully pass muster. Her dark hair was a couple days late on behind washed, hanging in two thick braids over her shoulders. Scuffed shoes, dark pants, low-cut tank top and disheveled jacket...and she was ready to go. She walked into the shuttlebay and looked around, seeing if the rest of the team had arrived yet. She saw a couple of her security detail, so that was a start.

Around the worn down side of the shuttlecraft came Lieutenant Junior Grade Sarah Deco. She'd been promoted to Chief Navigation of the Solaria only the week before. All in all, she hadn't even been on the ship that long. But with her previous Chief transferring out, it was immediately obvious that Helm never was a big priority to Starfleet. So, instead of bringing in an experienced officer to guide a Sovereign class ship, they'd dumped it on her. She'd felt jittery ever since. As if that wasn't enough, the CO had ordered her on this undercover mission to pilot them down to the surface and back again. While on the surface, she was supposed to blend in with the rest of the team and stay out of trouble. Right. "Commander," she greeted the Chief of Security. The woman terrified her, but it would come in handy for this mission.

"Lieutenant," Sadie replied with a nod, looking the other woman up and down. "Deco, right?" To be honest, security and helm didn't mix all that often.

Sarah nodded. "Yes," she spoke, looking around for a way out of this conversation. "I'll get pre-flight done and I'll see you and your team inside when you're ready."

"Sure," the security chief said offhandedly. She let the helm officer hurry off to do whatever it was that helm officers did while Sadie waited for the rest of her team. All told, there'd be six of them, broken into two-man teams to infiltrate this seedy city below. The pilot would be with her, since they didn't think it was wise to leave anyone alone and she was better equipped to cover an extra team member.

Once everyone had arrived, she ushered them into the broke-ass shuttle and into their seats. "Ready."

Knowing exactly where she had to take them, Sarah controlled the piece of crap deftly. A lot could be said about this young and shy officer, but she sure knew how to fly whichever craft you put her in. It didn't take her long to reach the outer edge of the city they were supposed to get into. She flew below radar when necessary, and landed the craft far more softly than anyone thought possible of a crapload like that one. "You're good to go, Commander," she spoke to the Chief of Security who'd taken the seat next to her.

"Alright, everyone, sync," Sadie ordered, and they all turned to the bracelet-looking devices they wore that would keep them all on the same time, schedule, and a very rudimentary radio communication that wasn't likely to be picked up by much of anything, even on a planet like this. "Check in by signal every thirty minutes. We all remember your cover?"

There was a round of half-murmured/half-spoken answers, but it was good enough. "Deco, Morris, you're with me. Let's go."

Sarah watched in awe as the Security team got ready. As she heard her name, she snapped out of her revverie and quickly checked her own gear. That is to say. Her gear didn't comprise of much. She didn't have the device on her wrist and she only carried a basic phaser. It suited her fine. She'd never liked to fire weapons. The other woman obviously wasn't intending to wait for her because she was already out of the shuttle and marching away. With a sigh, Sarah quickly locked up the shuttle, as much as the thing still could be locked, and hurried to catch up with the Security people.

The small teams split off before they were even in a decent line-of-sight for anyone in the city, each group having a prearranged location to head to. There were several spots marked as "hot" in the security briefing, which would be the most likely to find the kind of information they wanted. "Keep your eyes and ears open, folks," Sadie said, seemingly nonchalantly even though every muscle in her body felt like a wound-tight coil.

With their numbers dwindling, Sarah felt less and less at ease. Eventually, it was just her, the Commander and one other Security person left. "Now what?" she asked. As soon as she had spoken, she realised she'd asked a question outloud which she hadn't intended. They now entered a more populated part of the city, and it just felt... wrong to her.

Sadie glanced sidelong at the helm officer and smirked. "Just stick with me, kid. We're just going for a little stroll." Her diction had already changed, although it was subtle. Her words were chosen carefully, because as they approached population, she didn't trust that there wouldn't be ears everyone. "First things first, we're goin' for a drink."

A drink? Sarah had but to follow orders, but a drink was the last thing on her mind. As they entered the bar, they made sure to choose a quiet table near the back, positioning themselves in such a way that they could keep an eye on the entire room. Of course, Sarah had made to sit in their line of sight, but she'd quickly been corrected to take up the chair more to the side. It felt wrong. She didn't want to be there. She didn't have to be there. She wanted to go. She wanted to go back to the shuttle.

Although Sadie wasn't the best at being an empath, she knew that it was in there and so she could feel Deco's discomfort. It was...distracting, but she had been at the job long enough now to mostly compartmentalize. She could focus on the job at hand, enough at least. A tired (or bored) waitress came by to take their orders. Sadie ordered something that she had no intention of actually drinking, but it sounded convincing enough.

The waitress returned a short time later with three drinks. She dropped them in the middle of the table and took off with a glance and a grunt. They could figure out their own drinks. One of them ended up in front of Sarah and she studied it uncertainly. "How long do we have to stay here?"

"Hard to say," Sadie replied, blue eyes flickering between her drink and the room. She lifted the glass to her lips, but never took a drink. The motion just covered her mouth and made it look like she was drinking. "Long enough to have a chance to overhear something, or see if a particular someone we have our eyes out for shows up." She set the glass down, but tilted her head down as well. "He usually shows up here around this time most days."

Before too long, the guy did show up. He sat down at the bar and ordered his usual drink. Sarah watched warily as Stanton got up and approached the guy in an apparent flirtatious way, talking to him for a few moments before returning. That was it? These short few moments were why they'd been there for this long? Closing her eyes, she took a deep breath and did take a long drink of the nasty liquid in front of her. She heard the team lead murmur that they'd take their leave, so she didn't waste any time in getting up and out.

The trio had only just turned the corner back outside on the street, when a group of at least six surrounded them. "Starfleet, eh? What the fuck are you doing here?" one of them drawled. They had approached them from all sides in a part of the street that was badly lit and with nobody else around. And if anybody was, they wouldn't care anyway.

His eyes narrowed. Waiting for a movement. Waiting for a response.

"Get them," he finally spoke in a deceptive soft voice.

As she was jumped by one guy, quite literally, Sarah had no idea what to do. Sure, she was an ace at anbo-jitsu, but that didn't quite compare to this real-life-threatening situation. She froze as he wrapped her arms around her tightly, immobilizing her with brute force. A punch to her stomach from a second guy sent her doubled over and down to her knees. Before she could recover from that, her hands had been tied behind her back, a prop had been shoved in her mouth and her face had been covered by a hood.

Sadie didn't go down easily.

Blood was splattered over her face and her knuckles before one of them finally got the drop on her. Her security officer went down swinging, but he went down for good. In the meantime, she was down on a knee nearly out of alignment, bound and hooded and carted away.


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