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Posted on Mon Nov 16th, 2020 @ 6:00pm by Captain Sadie Stanton & Commander Sarah Deco

Mission: The Trumpets Sound
Timeline: MD 03, 2215 hours

After the duty shift had ended and Sadie had taken care of some (a lot of?) paperwork, she headed off the bridge. Instead of going straight to her own quarters, however, she decided to stop by Sarah's and see how she was doing. Hopefully it would be better off than the last time she went to the door, but she'd find out soon enough.

Reaching the door, she pressed the chime.

Sarah had returned from Sickbay not all that long before. She'd followed up on doctor's advice at least that much that she wasn't planning on working out. Aside from that however, she'd replicated a bottle of gin and was about to get it started. At the sound of the chime, she startled and cursed. Looking around, she rose to her feet--her knee protesting from the sudden movement, and limped to stuff the bottle in a drawer before straightening the shirt she was now wearing. "Enter!" she called, plastering a neutral look on her face.

Hearing the call, Sadie walked through the door. Her eyes flickered around briefly before landing on Sarah. On the upside, the quarters were intact again. However there was, although Sadie was not adept enough to know what precisely that was. "I just came to see how you were doing," she said simply. Straight and to the point, as she usually was.

"I'm alright," Sarah started, but then she caught herself. Her friend would never go for the placeholder. And if that wasn't enough, her CO would get a report from Sickbay probably anyway. All malfunctions that caused bodily harm were reported after all. She didn't know just how much in detail Sadie read these reports, but she couldn't risk it. "Well. If you take the gym malfunction into account, and the fact that I'm in my quarters already and no longer in Sickbay," she added with a smile that would show it was really alright.

Sadie tilted her head curiously, determining she needed to keep up on her report reading better. "What happened?"

Sarah shrugged as she made her way back to the couch. "I wanted to take up anbo jitsu again, but something went awry with the artificial sparring. Probably a malfunction caused by all the work the engineers are currently doing," she shrugged again for good measure. The lie came easier if you could tell it a few times. "It beat me in the match, so I had to go through Sickbay before coming home."

Something was, but Sadie was no closer to figuring out what. "But you're feeling better now?"

"Still a little sore," Sarah spoke. This much was the truth at least. "Alleir told me to take it easy for a few days, no more working out. So far, I'm not going to argue with her."

"She is the chief medical officer," Sadie agreed. "I'm fairly certain she's one person you don't want to argue with."

Sarah looked over at Sadie, searching the other woman's face for a moment before looking down at the carpet. "I wasn't planning to."

What Sadie did recognize was that sense of the awkward, the wondering if there were things unsaid that needed to be said or if all had been said and there was simply an assumption of things... Sadie glanced around for a moment. "So. Deciding to get back into anbo jitsu again?"

"It seemed like a good idea at the time," Sarah grinned. The grin was sincere, at least. Even if nothing else was. "I'll try again when I'm less sore."

"I definitely wouldn't advise now or you may have Doctor Alleir down there pulling you out by your ear," the captain said with a half-smirk. "I wouldn't put it past her."

Sarah didn't have trouble imagining that one. She did have trouble imagining that she'd ever try it again. More thoughts crossed her mind, but she pushed them back before she consciously thought them. Not here. Not now. Later. When she was alone. "So.... yeah...." she finally spoke. She thought to the bottle that was waiting for her and that made her smile a little.

Sadie nodded a little, more to herself than anything. "Do you want to get dinner with me? I was gonna grab something to eat after stopping here."

Drawer content. "I'm not that hungry," Sarah did her best to sound apologetic. The content of the drawer was all the food she needed. "It's probably the painkillers the docs gave me."

The weird feeling persisted. Or was it back? Sadie couldn't tell. "Alright," she said slowly, trying to figure out what was going on. She couldn't recall a time when her friend hadn't wanted to go get a meal with her when asked. But, well, times changed, she supposed. Perhaps it was the painkillers. "Another time then?"

"Sure," Not.

Sarah was aware that she'd never asked the other woman to sit down. It suited her fine just then. She wouldn't understand the liquor anyway. "Another time."

Sadie felt it like a physical push, even though she was aware that it wasn't. It was the feeling of Sarah's being done with this conversation and growing...impatient, perhaps? Again, interpretation was always Sadie's weak spot, but she did feel a certain sense of being unwelcome. "Another time," she agreed with a faint, almost sad, smile. "I'll let you rest." She turned and headed back to the door.

Moving to the door as well, in a subconscious physical effort to see Sadie out, Sarah triggered it to open. "Thanks."

"Don't mention it," Sadie said, voice low and head down as she paused in the open doorway. After that moment, she walked away and headed off down the hallway. Feeling pretty lousy.

Stepping back to let the doors close, Sarah let out a sigh of relief. This had taken way longer than she'd wanted already. Grabbing the bottle on her way to the bedroom, it took less than an hour before she passed out on her bed, the empty bottle landing on the floor with a thud.


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