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Quiet moments

Posted on Fri Jan 21st, 2022 @ 10:16pm by Lieutenant JG Dinui Kindle

Mission: Our Prologue
Location: Kindle's quarters

Dinui murmured under her breath as she moved the yarn from her hook, into place on the in progress scarf. This hobby wasn't her strongest but it was supposed to be easy to do, but she often had trouble keeping the stitches straight. Dinui had several finished projects but more often than not they had irregular holes in spaces, or sometimes her own hair woven into a scarf or blanket. Still the time she spent on crocheting she was able to relax in a different way than when she did parkour, or a holo-game or whatever else she did in her off hours.

This scarf was crimson and silver, the yarn was as soft as silk and warm as sherpa. Dinui did a few more stitches and set aside the scarf in progress. She got to her feet and put away her crochet hook and yarn, she had a few hours before her next duty shift. She would take some time to eat and then see what was scheduled for her the next day.



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