Changing Faces [Plot/Briefing Log]

Posted on Tue Feb 15th, 2022 @ 11:07pm by Captain Jesse Jameson & Commander John Collins & Commander Garran Suliborn & Lieutenant Obadiah Harper

Mission: Ab Hinc
Location: Observation Lounge
Timeline: MD 01 - 0900 hours

The entire senior staff was gathered in the observation lounge with two notable exceptions: the captain and the chief helm officer. There was the usual coffee and pastries in the center of the table that everyone could partake of, but it was more an air of curiosity as to where their intrepid leader was. Whoever knew the answer wasn't saying, and the answer was given shortly when the doors to the lounge open and a tall, full-figured blonde in a red-collared uniform with captain's pips walked in.

Captain Jesse Jameson strode into the room and came to stand behind the chair at the head of the table, she smiled her "high-voltage" smile at everyone and began, "I'm sure you're all wondering who I am. Well, Captain Stanton has been transferred and I'm your new captain. My name is Jesse Jameson. If any of you are familiar with ancient Earth history and want to make a joke about that name, take it up with my husband." She smiled again to show there was no actual animosity to the statement. "I know the change is sudden. If anyone wants to talk further about it, please feel free to come speak with me after the briefing. In the meantime, are we ready to begin?"

Harper raised one of his silver eyebrows, Captain swaps were usually done with formality, there was ceremony, bells, dress uniforms, this was just, new. It made the long time NCO's cynicism flare up, and wonder what was next he sipped the cup of coffee he had claimed when he came in and watched the overall reactions of the crew.

"...Huh," Garran flicked an ear, tilting his head a bit. Massive, thick muscled arms crossed as he regarded this new captain, sizing her up.

Jack did similar, though he quirked a brow and smiled as he did so. She certainly wasn't all that bad to look at, he thought to himself.

"This is...unusual," Collins noted. "Captain, I see no messages from Command indicating a reassignment for Captain Stanton, or transfer of command codes. I didn't even get an informal heads up. Respectfully, protocols as to the change of command exist for really good reasons. Can you explain why they've been skipped in this instance?"

"That's what I want to know," Garran rumbled. Normally he would've been pretty on top of these things, but this he hadn't seen coming. Meanwhile he kicked Jack's leg under the table, having noted the other man's looks.

Jesse smiled, unfazed. "I would if I could, Commanders," she said with nods to both Collins and Sulliborn. "However, there were many elements of this process that I was not made privy to and details that were not given to me. I was assigned, told it was short notice, and I got here when I was told to." She spread her hands. "You're welcome to send some messages up the chain and see if they'll be forthcoming but I wouldn't get my hopes up."

Collins smiled back. "I don't expect them to be forthcoming about anything, Captain. However, for everyone's sanity, it might be best if we made sure that in Command's haste, they didn't forget to turn over the figurative keys." A glance at Garran. "Let's just say that weirder has happened." Possibly repeatedly.

The captain chuckled and tilted her head. "You laugh, but it wouldn't be the first time it's happened to me," she said. "The Sovereign is just considerably larger than a Valkyrie." Whoever would recognize the craft would get a quick lesson in what departmental area she had started in before pursuing a command track. "Any other questions before we get started talking about our upcoming mission? Regardless of the keys, they did at least give me a briefing file."

Collins actually had to think for a second. "If you could, Captain, send my PADD and Garran's PADD a copy of your transfer orders? That way, when we do our logs we can attach them, and when I give some people at Srarfleet Command an earful, nobody can say all three of us weren't doing our ends of things," he suggested. "Other than that, once that's done, I will seal the room and you can brief."

"Of course," the ship's new CO said easily, tapping a few commands into the PADD on the table in front of her. "All yours."

Collins spoke to the computer, then: "Computer, seal all entrances and exits to this space and prepare as for briefing of Sensitive Compartmented Information. Authorization code Collins Sierra Omicron Six Five Two. Compartment is Project Promisekeeper Green Ninety-Six." It was not, in Collins's own estimation, the most concealing of compartment codewords, but he kept that to himself.

The computer beeped. "All entrances and exits to this space have been sealed. Level 10 forcefields activated. Anti-surveillance activated. Classified communications links secured. Unclassified communications disabled. Briefing may begin."

Collins looked to Jameson. "Not at all excessive, given what you'll be briefing."

"Promisekeeper green ninety-six ... ?" Garran muttered, raising an eyebrow at Collins. "That's a bit on the nose, innit?"

"Not me who picked it, was someone at HQ. If I find em I'll be angry at them," Collins replied. "You are, however, welcome to suggest a local-use cryptonym that continues the basic theme of promises kept."

Jesse waited until they were done, listening with a faint, wry smile. "Just make sure I get the keys when you're done," she joked, then waved her hand and pressed a button on the desk. The image on the screen behind her came to life, showing a planet. "This is Chulan, in Romulan space. Long story short is a small group of intel assets have possible exposure and need to get the hell out of Dodge, as the old saying goes, and the Solaria has been determined on to be the ones to do it. Quietly and quickly, before the Tal Shiar literally take their heads."

Collins nodded. "Most of the details are going to be need to know to only myself, the Captain, the intel department, and anyone who volunteers to join the team that will proceed to Chulan aboard a modified Romulan civilian vessel and perform the actual exfiltrations. Which is another way of saying, we need volunteers and I would like each of you to go through your departments and let me know of eligible personnel for a position listing I'm giving your PADDs over laser link. Key will be medical and ops personnel - the latter to actually act primarily as the civilian crew of what is nominally a merchant vessel. Please note that we are looking strictly for actual volunteers willing to work in a situation where being captured alive genuinely is not an option."

"I've been working on a plan. Details still to be settled on, hairs smoothed, but there's time yet," Garran rumbled, steepling his massive fingers together. "The ship we'll be using is an old, modified, Romulan merchant ship, a small, armed freighter. I figure easiest way to get our people out is by presenting as a merchant crew on a mission to deliver a small cargo of luxury goods. I pulled a few strings, one such cargo is being prepared for us as we speak. An order for this cargo from a dummy retail corporation on Chulan will arrive later today at a dummy corporation I've set up, to add legitimacy to us delivering it. We'll be presenting as crew, need only a handful of people to run a small cargo runner this size. Far as anyone looking in is concerned, this is just a legitimate cargo run of luxury drinks and smokes," Garran smirked, showing teeth. "Which also gives us materials we can use to bribe with, should a need arise. Which, this being Romulan space, is more than likely. They do enjoy their exotic drinks and smokes."

There was a response from the, until this point silent, Chief of Operations, "You're gonna need someone who can speak the lingo of a Quartermaster. I'll volunteer. As for the whole not getting captured thing, I'm old, my kids are grown, Better me then a younger man." Harper was relentlessly practical, plus his experience in the colonial militia, would help."

Shinandra glanced up from the PADD she'd been looking over, gesturing to catch command's attention. "I'll go," she said. The group would need a doctor, after all--just in case. She also wasn't the sort to send someone ahead of her. She had little that was her own to lose, anyway. Also just in case. "Some of my work prior to Starfleet put me near the Romulan neutral zone."

Jesse nodded in acknowledgement. "Commander Collins, you'll be keeping tabs on who is eligible and volunteering from various departments," she said to her new XO before looking at her large chief of intel. "How long until the merchant vessel is ready?"

Garran nodded at Harper and Alleir. "Alright, you're on," he rumbled. "Ship should be ready in a day or two. With some luck, we'll have picked up our cargo by then. Paperwork should follow shortly too, then we'll be ready to launch as we arrive in the area," he flicked an ear, glancing around the table. "Ships like this normally have between four and six crew, so we should keep our team around that number. Collins, Alleir, Harper and me makes four."

The chief of security piped up, "I'd recommend rounding out the group with one or two security officers. I can gather a list of good candidates from volunteers."

Garran agreed. "Do it. The sooner I have a team complete, the more time I'll have to get false identities pushed through. Need at least a day for that," his throaty bass rumbled.

"You'll have the names within an hour of the briefing end," the chief of security assured him. His mind was already rolling through the possibilities, but it would also depend on who volunteered.

"Good," Jesse said. "We all have our work cut out for us." She looked at Collins and then Garran. "Draw on the resources you need from other departments, just be sure to write up a receipt." A smirk ghosted across her face before she looked around to the rest of the table. "Are there any questions before dismissal?" When there weren't, she smiled and nodded. "Let's get to work."