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Commander Garran Suliborn

Name Garran Suliborn

Position Chief Intelligence Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Sirran
Age 157

Physical Appearance

Height 2m76
Weight 342kg
Physical Description A larger than typical Sirran, Garran cuts an imposing figure no matter how you cut it. Standing in surplus of 9 ft tall and weighing in excess of 720 lbs, this broad shouldered and barrel chested elderly lupine gentleman towers over most. He walks with an intricately carved walnut walking cane, a slight limp in his steps. Once deep black fur now faded a bit with age, graying muzzle, ears, hands and tail. Predatory eyes that have seen the passing of decades and grown kind with the years. His voice a deep, rumbling basso profondo.


Spouse Classified
Children Classified
Other Family Classified

Personality & Traits

General Overview Generally patient and kind, Garran carries himself with the approachability of a confident elderly gentleman with nothing left to prove. Always willing to lend a listening ear and the wisdom of a long life worth of experience. Yet don't mistake this friendly facade for weakness, it disguises a remarkably sharp mind, capable of cold ruthlessness when necessary. Garran is someone who believes in the bigger picture, and is willing to sacrifice to complete the mission.
Strengths & Weaknesses Elderly even for a Sirran, Garran still possesses prodigious strength, yet age has slowed him down considerably. Walking with a cane, eyesight and hearing no longer what they once were. Yet his mind still as keen as ever, and with a network of contacts and channels of information, he is a treasure trove of knowledge. A keenly diplomatic mind, one that enjoys challenges of wits.

Personal History Born over a century and a half ago in the Sirran capital of Monsegvi to two political activists, father [redacted] and mother [redacted], Garran showed a keen interest in politics right from a young age. Spurred on by his parental teachings he involved himself with revolutionary groups such as [redacted]. Eventually, just over one hundred years ago, political tensions on Sirrah erupted into a full blown revolution.

This revolution, later dubbed the 'night of the red moon', saw the young adult Garran involved in [redacted] and the siege of [redacted]. This revolution saw the downfall of the totalitarian government and the reformation of Sirrah into a republic, along with the installation of the 'consensus', an elected government, under the leadership of an elder female. For his actions during the night of the red moon Garran was [redacted] and later [redacted].

[This portion rated confidential under order of Starfleet Intelligence under article 345 paragraph 42 sub 2 of SFI handbook of regulations]

After several years of administrative and medical leave during which he laid the groundwork for his current network of informants and contacts, Garran returned to active duty as Intelligence Officer on the USS Akagi. He worked his way through the ranks, eventually re-achieving his old rank of Commander, and being assigned to USS Solaria as its Chief of Intelligence.