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Lieutenant Kau Anderson

Name Kau Anderson

Position Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human/Vulcan
Age 32

Physical Appearance

Height 6'0
Weight 190
Physical Description At a glance, Kau is indistinguishable from a typical Vulcan. His black hair was cut in the typical fashion and hugged around his ears, which ended in an upward point. His dark eyebrows were long and pointed providing the standard serious expression most Vulcans seemed to have. His nose was slightly bent from being broken in his youth, but no other abnormalities.


Spouse None
Children None
Other Family Matthias Anderson - Father
T'Lil Anderson - Mother (deceased)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Kau is hard working and dedicated. He is learning more about his Vulcan side and learning to temper both halfs of himself to become whole. He enjoys learning new things, including science thanks to his parents.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strength:
Hard work ethic
Creative engineer

Habit of working by himself
Self conscious about not acting like a Vulcan
Struggles with Enochlophobia (fear of crowds)

Personal History Kau grew up on a fringe world in a somewhat isolated existence. His parents were terra-formers or as his father said, terra farmers. There was a small team that worked on what he would call his home planet and children were rare with him being the on full time child on the planet. His father, human and mother Vulcan, raised him with a love for the Sciences and technology. His mother showing him the how and why things worked as they were and his father showing him the future, the wonders and possibly of what they did.

When he was seven years old, his mother passed away in an accident when one of the O2 generators malfunctioned and was destroyed. After the accident, a counselor came at his fathers request. Kau did not think he needed it because he was Vulcan, like his mother. His father knew better. Before the end of his first session, he realized he was more like his father than his mother. The counselor stayed the better part of a year helping them both through the tragedy. His father raised him alone going forward. He had simple concepts about the Vulcan emotional control from his mother, but was left without training. He knew about that part of him, but was not able to obtain much of that ability without guidance. He grew up looking more Vulcan like his mother, but had the temperament of his father.

He would spend much of his evenings looking up at the stars and wondering. His mother born at one star, his father another and he was now at a third. It reinforced an "anything is possible" mentality. When he came of age, though it hurt his father to see him leave, he knew his heart was in the stars. The following year, when the next cargo transport came, it carried Kau away to Earth and the Federation.
Service Record Kau endured many a quizzical look when everyone he encountered at the Academy expected him to act Vulcan, use logic and be emotionally controlled and to their suprise, he was generally neither. When confronted about his logic by another Vulcan, he would reply with his father's favorite saying, and say it as Vulcan mater of fact as possible, "Every problem is a nail if you hit it with a hammer hard enough." It was so illogical coming out of what appeared to be a Vulcan that many just stayed quiet, unsure how to respond.

Kau made it through Academy with an Engineering focus in standard time and in the middle of his class but made no close friends. Being alone was normal to him and he rarely fit in with either the humans or the Vulcans. He took advantage of his physiology and worked extended shifts overnight in order to learn all he could on his training cruise and the USS Manchester. The Miranda class was small, but he was functional in all points of engineering before the end of the training year.

His first duty assignment was on an Ambassador class, the USS Unity. He began his career as a general engineer, but by the end of the first year, with the same dedication he had on his training cruise, he was promoted to assistant to the Chief Engineer. The Chief Engineer, who was Vulcan discovered Kau's history after reading his file. He volunteered to train Kau as he could to let him honor his mother's memory. Being well past the early age of training, some things would be out of his grasp without spending decades on Vulcan in training. He did teach him basic meditation, thought and emotional control, and being able to control his own body. It was far from true Vulcan control, but he would not be a slave to emotion, but rather be able to balance it without any emotion controlling him.

By the end of his first tour he moved to the USS Raven as assistant chief engineer. That tenure was short a year with the destruction of the ship. An attack caused the warp core to cascade out of control and the antimatter pods would not valve off due to damage. Kau shunted excess power the warp core generated into the magnetic containment field around the pods and core. There was no fixing the problem, but it bought a few extra minutes for the crew to abandon ship. After rescue, he again, went through counseling after witnessing the destruction of his ship. During that time he was formally diagnosed with Enochlophobia, a fear of crowds which he had been struggling with for several years prior. He was eventually cleared to return to duty on the condition that he maintain regular counseling appointments with the ship's counselor until further notice. His former Chief recommend him for his own Chief position, which was given to him on the Solaria.