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Lieutenant JG Del Renner

Name Del Martin Renner

Position Deputy Chief Engineer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Isisean/Betazoid
Age 26

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7"
Weight 195 lbs
Physical Description a physically fit young man, auburn hair, while short in stature, he is strong but not in appearance. He is proportional for his build, but his mixed heritage does give him some advantages in telepathic abilities but he can still shape-shift into a feline but he does not share that with anyone outside his family as Isiseans have been abused for their abilities in the past.

In Feline Form: Del is more of an auburn looking Snowshoe Siamese Cat, this is due the genetic alterations that his embryo underwent by his father adding some genetically enhanced traits.


Spouse none at the moment
Children none at the moment
Other Family Delmar Renner - Father, Geneticist (Betazoid, with auburn hair and a very strong telepathy)
Di Renner - Mother 51, Medical Doctor (Isisian, 4' 4" with creamy blonde hair with naturally ginger tips and bright blue eyes- in feline form looks like a Fire-point Siamese cat)

All of Del's siblings have some sort of genetic enhancement due to their father assisting in the process to help the children survive and have the best of both species. All the children could shift to feline form and had more of a red/auburn/ginger coloring to their fur and har, except Donna who kept her mother's fire point coloring.

Didi Renner - Oldest Sister 27, Zoologist (Twin of Dwayne, older than Dwyane by five minutes) (4' 4", Auburn Red hair, dark blue eyes/feline form: a Siamese cat but with auburn fur)
Dwayne Renner - Oldest Brother 27, Oceanographer (Twin of Didi, younger than Didi by five minutes) (5'3", Auburn Red hair, dark blue eyes/feline form: a Siamese cat but with auburn fur)
Donna Renner - Twin Sister - Deceased (Twin of Del and was younger than him by 3 minute/feline form: a Fire-point Siamese cat just like her mother)
Donnie Renner - Younger Brother 25, Teacher, (Twin of Daphne, older than Daphne by four minutes older) (5'5", Dark Auburn Red hair, blue eyes/feline form: a Siamese cat but with auburn fur)
Daphne Renner - Youngest Sister 25, Medical Resident (Twin of Donnie, younger than Donnie by four minutes younger) (4'2", Dark Auburn Red Hair, blue eyes/feline form: a Siamese cat but with auburn fur)

Grandparents, and many aunts, uncles and cousins but he has never met his grandparents or other family members outside his immediate family.

Personality & Traits

General Overview a genuine nice guy, respectful of authority and yet has a small air of mystery about him, as he hides his Isisean heritage. He would give you the shirt of his back if you were in need. Del has been the outcast of his family as he does not like the strict governance of his parents.
Strengths & Weaknesses His strength is his ability to work out the problem with the engine of any ship or shuttle he is tasked to work with. He says it is all in how it communicates with him but it is his knack to understand the physics of situation which helps him focus. He also has a knack for understanding computer code and the interfacing of all the computer systems he accesses in his need to fix engineering issues.

He has a weakness of wanting to always act upon his reception of thoughts from others but he does his best to hold back; however, there have been a few times where he reacts before he realizes and then has to regain the trust of those around him. He has the strongest telepathic skill set (which is equal to his Betazoid father's and thus he can read minds of almost everyone without much effort.) amongst his siblings and that could be due to his twin sister being killed. He is full of energy and drive, but he also hides a secret that he has not shared with anyone outside his family. He is well mastered at the Isisean heritage in shift as are his mother and siblings; however, he can not hold the feline form as long as they can. But he does not shift form much at all since the death of his sister.

Another flaw of Del's is that he will hold back his intellectual knowledge from his superiors as he fears they will think he is over confident or too smart for his own good. He will not give up on a problem until a solution is found or ordered to give up on it, but he does his best to solve all issues or problems given to him in a timely manner.

Personal History Del's parents fell in love and conceived the first set of twins, Didi and Dwyane. There were some issues and they were more like Isisen than Betazoid in everyway. Delmar then decided to do some medical tinkering and when Di conceived Del and Donna, he made a few genetic alterations. Del an Donna were given some extra Betazoid hormones that affected their telepathy but shortened time they could shift into feline form. Then for the next set of twins, Donnie and Daphne, the hormones were slightly adjusted to make them a little more telepathic but not as much as Del and Donna.

When Del and Donna were 12, The family went on vacation to Vintrax III and while they were alone in the woods, all of the siblings shifted into their feline forms to play. In feline form, Donna was a cream colored fire point and Del was more of an auburn colored based Snowshoe Siamese in appearance. Didi and Dwyane were auburn-hued Siamese while Donnie and Daphne were a little lighter in ginger but more long haired felines. Being darker in color the four siblings were not as visible to the other fauna on the planet. A large Vintraxian Vulture attacked and snatched Donna due to her lighter coloring. The others scattered and blended in to the flora and shadows, while Del attempted to attack the vulture but failed and received a large gash on his back from the base of his neck to his hip on the left side.

He then refused to shift and got more distant from his family. In high school on Betazed, he excelled in Physic and got into very technical computer system configurations. He then ran away on his 18th birthday to join Starfleet. He took the Starfleet Academy placement exam and scored an exceptionally high score. At Starfleet Academy he focused on Engineering using his Physics and Computer knowledge to help him excel. As he excelled, the Physics Department tried to convince him to switch to Physics or attempt to go for a secondary degree but he needed to get out and explore, so he committed to Engineering and graduated fourth in his class.
Service Record Age 12: lost twin sister to a vulture attack on Vintrax III
Age 13: focused on Physics and Computers and rebelled against his Isisean heritage.
Age 14 - 17: focused on Physics and Computers and graduated top of his high school class.
Age 18: Ran away from home and entered Starfleet Academy by passing the entrance exam without any missed points.
Age 22: Graduated from Starfleet Academy with a degree in Engineering. and got assigned as an Ensign to be the assistant Engineer for the
Federation Embassy fleet at Betazed.
Age 25: Got promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade and reassigned to the USS Solaria engineering department as the assistant chief engineer.