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Lieutenant Obadiah Harper

Name Obadiah Harper

Position Chief Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 56

Physical Appearance

Height 6'00"
Weight 155 lbs
Physical Description Tall and lanky with grey hair and a thick grey mustache,


Spouse Annie Harper age 54 (formerly Mueller) Married 30 years Federation Science division researcher: Historian/Sociologist
Children Sons

Jacob Harper: 31, Circuit attorney New Abelene colony
Samuel Harper 25, Lt(jg) USS Swiftsure: Cryptological analyst


Sadie Harper, 19 Cook’s assistant Federation food services/diplomatic functions
Other Family Father: Ezekiel Harper
Mother: Andrea Harper


Andrew Harper- 62,
Jeffery Harper- 50


Alexis Harper 40

Other Family

Multiple nieces and nephews, cousins, and other relations

Personality & Traits

General Overview Generally easy-going, not one for formalities or what he refers to as “Damn foolish fripperies” in most things, however very efficient and good at his job. He was never expecting a commission.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Organization, hard work, self-discipline, very easy going and hard to anger. Working with horses and Aurochs makes one have to learn patience real fast.

Weaknesses: Not much formal education, his early education focusing on more practical issues, so he relies on his assistants to help with the formal language and is at a disadvantage in formal events, most commanding officers learned to let him skip the cocktail parties.

Personal History The colony of New Abilene has always been seen as a rough and tumble world, Growing up, he learned from an early age, in addition to the usual educational plans, he also learned how to ride, shoot and herd the colony’s famous longhorn cattle, which were actually aurochs, long-extinct on earth.

Also learning to run the family’s ranch, taught him the basics. During the Dominion conflict, he stepped up to run the ranch as his father and brother were off on search and rescue duty with the colonial militia. During the war, he had run the ranch with help from friends and family. One night a Federation vessel had been patrolling in the area before it was ambushed, one of the officers had gotten to the escape pods and landed on the colony.

The rescue, wasn’t too hard, patching up the man’s injuries was part of the basic first aid training, but until a rescue crew alive, he was put to work helping out where needed and suggested the young man consider Starfleet with his skills.

His first few years were learning his way, his small but growing family getting settled into life as a Starfleet family, moving from Starbase to Starbase in 2383, onboard the Brusilov, they were attacked by pirates, It took some quick thinking, innovative planning, and the use of an old revolver and lever-action rifle, he managed to rescue the captain, and their VIP guest, a Bolian diplomat. The result was a battlefield commission,

Learning how to be an officer has still been a work in progress, but he ran efficient departments. His family grew up with his oldest son moving back home to act as a circuit attorney and his other son, an officer in Starfleet.

The Solaria is his first department head position
Service Record 2374-2374: Crewman Recruit Initial Entry Training, Earth Training Center, Great Lakes SFTC
2374-2375 Crewman: Advanced training, Operations Command, Starbase 001, SFTraining Los Angeles
2375:2378 Petty Officer 3rd class: USS Crazy Horse: Logistical specialist
2378-2382 Petty officer 2nd class: Starbase 12: Quartermaster’s assistant
2383-2385: Petty Officer 2nd class: USS Alexi Brusilov: Quartermaster
2385-2385: Ensign: Officer candidate training: Newport Rhode Island
2385-2387: Ensign USS Nebula, Operations officer (Logistics)
2387-2390: Lt (jg) USS Nebula, Quartermaster officer
2390-2393: Lt Starbase 001, Senior Operations specialist
2394- Lt USS Solaria, Chief of Operations