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Captain Sadie Stanton

Name Sadie Stanton

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Betazoid/Minaran
Age 41

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6"
Weight 147 lbs
Physical Description Sadie is 5'6" and "stout," female enough in figure but clearly built for strength and stamina rather than being in beauty pageants. She had strong, stern features with dark hair and bright blue eyes.


Spouse Darien Johnston
Other Family David & Beth Stanton (Adoptive)

Lenore & Michael Stanton (Biological)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Sadie Marie Stanton is tempered steel. The first decades of her life was built on lies and pain, she was forged in war, and tempered by two decades serving among Starfleet's finest. She is dry-witted, blunt, and has to work a little harder than most to control her temper and her tongue.

Personal History For the first eighteen years of her life, Sadie Marie Stanton believed that her parents were David and Beth Stanton. She also believed that she was a full blood Betazoid. She grew up on Betazed to Betaoid parents and had Betazoid siblings.

She had been lied to.

Her blue eyes--a distinctly non-Betazoidd trait-- were explained as a genetic abnormality. As was the fact that her telepathy did not develop in adolescence like it did for her brothers and sisters. It was all explained away, and she accepted it.

Why would her parents lie to her?

However, she grew up as an unhappy, disillusioned child and then teenager. She was *different.*She was *other*. While no one said anything or purposely shut her out, she felt it anyway. She kept her pain to herself, however. (Or tried to. That is not easily accomplished in a telepathic househould.) She built walls against intrusion as time passed, and she got very good at it despite the fact that she could not practice telepathy. Even her inherent empathy only happened when she touched people.

She stopped touching people early on.

When she turned eighteen, she decided that she wanted to get away. Even though her parents had done their best by her, home just did not feel much like home and she wanted to go somewhere else. The somewhere else she chose to go was Starfleet Academy. Her family tried to talk her out of it, although she found their arguments nonsensical and she ignored them. She went anyway and took passage to Earth in 2371.

That was roughly when Sadie's personal life went to hell, and everything she believed to be true about herself proved…

…well, less true than she had thought.

As part of her entry into the academy, she underwent a physical. It was here that she learned she was not, in fact, a full Betazoid. She was only half that. The other half proved difficult to decipher since it was not a species very well known to the Federation. Eventually, they were able to determine that the other half of her DNAbelonged to the Minarans--a race of tactile empaths.

This led to an angry call home and a tearful confession. The man she believed to be her father was, in fact, her uncle. Sadie's mother had been his sister, and she had died (along with Sadie's biological father) when Sadie was still a baby so he had adopted her and raised her as his own. Sadie's father had been a Minaran.

It took a long time to come to terms with the lies that she had been told, but at least the truths made many things make sense.
Service Record Entering the academy and her next two years passed, thankfully, without any further incident. She took a security track and her years of bitter resentment ended up serving her well. She was strong, and determined, and fierce. She learned that if she wore gloves of certain materials, it could block her empathy and made life a lot easier.

Then, of course, the Breen attacked San Francisco.

Late term students graduated early and entered the war effort. Sadie served as assistant security officer on the USS Mai Sung until after the war. She saw combat on her ship and on the ground. It was hard, and it was heartbreaking. She made friends and comrades in time to lose them. She fought her way back from more than one injury to return to the field.

By the time the war was over, she felt like a different woman than the one who had traveled to Earth years before. Really, in most ways, she was.

Between the years 2375 and 2388, she served on the Adams, Starbase Zenith, Dacia Colony, and the USS Poseidon. She was assigned to the USS Solaria in 2389, and completed the command course in 2393 with an eye toward potential promotion to the command level, which she was granted after a few months of service. To first officer.

Having fallen in love during their time serving each other, Sadie and Captain Darien Johnston would be married. It wouldn't be long after their wedding, however, that President Iden Morr would be assassinated. In the wake of this, Johnston was moved to a starbase post and Sadie was given the Solaria.